Can i still be a nurse if i am too emotional?

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    Can I be a nurse if I am too emotional?
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    What exactly do you mean by too emotional?
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    Crying a lot
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    I can be emotional at times but found at work it wasn't the same therefore less emotion as if it was at home
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    Well not to sound rude because this is not how I mean this but if you're crying a lot why do you even want to be a nurse? My old professor used to tell students if you cry everyday at work you're in the wrong profession. Why put yourself through that everyday?
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    I agree with the last two posters.. Work is much different than home but at the same time, if you are crying over everything even something re a stranger half way around the world;this may not be the field for you. Nothing wrong with being emotional as long as you can maintain professionalism. It's hard to say if you are too emotional because you gave no examples for us to judge such a question.
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    If you are that emotional that everything makes you cry, it probably will be difficult. I've never been an overly emotional person but I find that since I've been doing what I'm doing (pediatric oncology) for 6 years, it's made me even less emotional. One of my patients (12 years old) died today and I didn't cry at all about it... I felt relief that her family found it within themselves to let her go and it sounded like from what the hospital told me that they signed the DNR pretty much just in time.
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    There's nothing wrong with crying. Sounds like you have a big heart and you get too attached. With the more experience, the more you become kind of numb to it. People who feel nothing shouldn't be in nursing. We are human not robots. Nursing takes compassion but you have to learn to deal with your feeling, maybe you should seek some kind of counseling and learn how to deal with your emotions. I think you should stick with nursing, sounds like you have the potential to be a good nurse.
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    moko, i agree that we need more info.

    are you a nurse or considering becoming a nurse?
    are you crying a lot because you're depressed or extra sensitive?

    yes, you can be "emotional" and be a good nurse, but that is not the same as reacting 'emotionally'.
    iow, you may feel a, b, or c in any given situation in nursing...
    but that doesn't mean it'd be appropriate/professional to act upon those feelings (as a norm...not talking about episodic).

    you could feasibly feel 'emotional' if a colleague treats you like dirt;
    or your boss, a dr, a patient, or family member...
    the list goes on.
    my point being, more often than not, we nurses need to suck it up and conduct ourselves in a manner that will not create attention or drama on the floor.
    now...having a good cry on the way home is perfectly ok and even beneficial, if that's what you need to do.

    it took me years to quell some of my emotions at work.
    actually...that's a lie.
    i never did learn to keep certain feelings in check when feeling emotional.
    i eventually did learn to reduce the volume, but i somehow managed to remain on loud speaker.

    as stated, it really would be helpful hearing more about your situation, rather than speculate.
    if you are not a nurse, do not throw in the towel!
    nursing is comprised of a myriad of personalities.
    being "emotional" is extremely benign, esp when contrasted with other types.

    be well moko.

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    I'm pretty much a hard butt, and every once in awhile I'll cry at work, mainly when we have a code, or when I was in the ICU and lost a pt I had been taking care of for weeks. But if you find yourself crying all the time about everything...I think you'd get yourself emotionally trampled at work. I don't know why you would want to put yourself through that. Have you talked to anyone about the crying, because work stuff aside, that's just not normal or healthy to be crying every day.
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