Can brown colored breastmilk be normal? Can brown colored breastmilk be normal? | allnurses

Can brown colored breastmilk be normal?

  1. 0 A mother expressed her breast milk while in the Nicu so it can be stored for her baby's use if she's absent. When she was through, she brought 3 oz chocolate milk colored breast milk. The mother is a healthy woman in her early twenties with no known med. condition besides PIH. On closer observation besides the color, the milk is otherwise normal. Do you think its wise to allow breastfeeding because I am not comfortable with it? Any advice?
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    Can you send to lab and test for blood?
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    Quote from JoPACURN
    Can you send to lab and test for blood?
    that is what i was thinking......
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    I was in a very traumatic MVA and had a baby a year and a half later. One breast had off colored milk, that did turn out to be old blood ( I know ewww). MD just had me nurse baby with the other breast, pump and discard from the affected side until it was the right color and then resume nursing as usual with no problems. definately discuss with MD.
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    I'm a student but work on L&D as a tech and have breastfed 2 kids and have never seen brown breastmilk. This is what I came across online:

    I'm totally stumped. I would definitely ask a doc.
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    I would run it by the doc and the lactation consultant.

    A determination needs to be made of the source of the bleeding, if it's blood.

    The cabbage thing on the website that was posted, said "do not" use it to help with engorgement if you were allergic to sulfa.

    I have never heard of the sulfa/cabbage connection...mainly because I am severely allegic to sulfa and cabbage is a main staple in my house.
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    Maybe its chocholate breast milk . . .
    J/k . . . had to say it . . .

    Really I am stumped, I have not heard of that before.
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    Lab results pending...well actually I've been off duty so maybe its back. However we notice yes slowly but it's becoming lighter. Coffee, expresso colored. Funny cause we had an inside jk "who says newborns can't have chocolate milk" or as it is now 'coffee'.

    I wouldnt give that baby the latter because I wouldn't want that child to be up all
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    Sorry but the same time I saw this message the "Friends" episode came on where Joey asked if brown nipples gave chocolate milk. lol
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    This reminds me of a lady we saw with green fluid coming from her breast. She was not pregnant and/or breasfeeding. Denied herbs and/or dietary supps. I expressed it myself and blotted it against white paper towel? Anyone seen this???