Can anyone give me an example of surrogate role for nursing? Can anyone give me an example of surrogate role for nursing? | allnurses

Can anyone give me an example of surrogate role for nursing?

  1. 0 Can anyone give me an example of surrogate role for nursing?
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    Could you give a little more detail? What is a surrogate role for nursing?
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    Dude, do your own homework. This is question number two that you've posted that looks suspiciously like homework that's probably due tomorrow. You are on a computer. Use it, just not here.
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    No, this is not my homework. I read the book davis fundamental success and one of the questions on the book I want to understand more in depth instead of just memorizing the right answer. Is there anything wrong with studying? I did try to google surrogate role for nursing but it does not explain well. Or i did read my text book, potter and perry (pg44) but i do not get it either. Roser13: i will give you the definition of it by the time when i got home
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    Nursing through Peplau's Vision - General

    During nursing school we were introduced to many different nurse theorists, but I always found Hildegard Peplau's theory to be close to my own personal nursing theory. Peplau described six nursing roles, the stranger role, resource role, teaching role, counseling role, surrogate role and active leadership role. She also stated that a nurse-patient relationship undergoes four different phases: orientation, identification, exploitation and resolution phase. I believe the reason I identify with Peplau's theory is that I think that being a nurse is not just an occupation, but a profession, and a nurse wears many 'hats' in order to care for the patient.

    During the stranger role, the patient and nurse meet and start building a relationship and trust. I feel that without trust, the entire relationship and hence patient care is negatively effected. Without trust, a nurse cannot effectively move on to the resource role. This nursing role is responsible for answering and asking questions and assessing the patient and clinical data. In order to treat the patient holistically, everything has to be evaluated, not only the chief complaint. My favorite and I believe to be one of the most beneficial to the patient is the teaching role that a nurse takes on. By providing proper teaching, the patient is put at ease, better informed about his/her disease/illness/injury and a more knowledgeable patient is a healthier patient. Next the nurse becomes the counselor, assisting clients with other decisions, and integrating current life circumstances into his/her goals for a better, healthier life. Moving forward, it is important to create clarify the domains of dependence, interdependence, and assist the patient to form independence, this role is the surrogate role. Last but not least, the nurse and patient move into the active leadership roles. This is when the nurse will assist the patient to assume responsibility for meeting treatment goals, utilizing what the patient has been taught, to achieve a better, healthier lifestyle...
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