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Today when looking for 1% lidocaine to mix with rocephin, I came across 2% lidocaine. Is it something you give IM? Can it be used to mix with rocephin? I don't quite know what it is used... Read More

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    Quote from panurse123
    I have heard of Lidocaine being mixed with Rocephin when given IM because it is painful. I think the difference between the 1% or 2%, is just that, 1mg/ml or 2/ml. I think IV doses treat arrythmias.
    1% Lido is 10mg/ml and 2% 20 mg/ml.
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    I give it w/ rocephin & we have standing orders to order both @ the same time. It does hurt ALOT!
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    I think you should stay with 1% lidocaine with the Rocephin IM due to the amount of lidocaine in ML that you need to get the rocephin to dissolve. There probably wouldn't be enough liquid with the 2% lidocaine. At least on our bottles of Rocephin in fine print there is directions on how much lidocaine to mix for IM injection.
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    2% lidocaine that can be drawn up is used to numb the respiratory tract during bronch's at my hospital
    1% lidocaine that can be drawn up is used for painful IM injections and topical numbing suct as for placing central lines.
    Lidocaine used during codes are in ampules and are packaged very differently.
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    Not everyone in the ED gets an IV, especially in minor care. We typically mix our IM abx with lido. 1% or 2% may be an institutional policy but we use 1%.
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    I would not use lidocaine 2% for an IM injection. I don't believe that it is approved for that use. Rocephen should be mixed with 1% lidocaine without epi for an IM injection.
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    Quote from ckh23
    The patient will be the first one to tell you how much it burns. That burning sensation doesn't dissipate right away.
    Right. Which was why we mixed it with lido.