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Is it just me or does anyone else think that the people missing work for "illness" is completely over the top now? I feel old and crochety every day but can count on both hands the times I've called... Read More

  1. by   imanedrn
    Quote from Jules A
    Thank you for replying. I also feel that by agreeing to my schedule I am committed to work unless truly sick. If I want or need a day off I arrange it ahead of time or find someone to switch with me. Whether it is a management problem or not calling out does negatively affect my unit so I avoid it when possible.
    We have to complete our schedule request ONE MONTH in advance. I wish I could plan out the days that I might get sick that far in advance! (I'm one of those who calls in for being physically sick -- the respiratory infection response -- vs. needing the mental health days. I guess I have enough time off not to need them!)
  2. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from nightmare
    I work in the privat sector and get 4 weeks paid holiday(vacation) a year.I know in the NHS they get more depending on how long they have worked there.
    If we work public holidays we either get an enhanced rate of pay or a ' day in lieu' to be taken at a later date. I've never heard of ' Mental Health 'days.

    At my hospital, the mental health days are really sick days that we take to spoil ourselves rotten.
  3. by   RNsRWe
    I work with someone who uses a sick day every time there's enough hours saved up to pay for a shift. It's like "hey, I have a Call Out of Work Free Card today!!"

    I hate that.

    I have enough time saved in my bank that if I'm really sick, I really don't have to be there. I also don't have to be there for a LOONGGG time if I'm REALLY sick. But that's because I rarely take off. Like, say....when I'm too sick to come in, which is rare!

    I don't quite understand the mindset that says it's ok to use the time as soon as you have it, that's what it's there for. No, it's there for when you are too sick to be at work. Using it as a Stay Home Free day means you're probably shafting someone else, who either has a heavier load because they couldn't fill the spot in time, or someone else needed to stay or come in earlier because you counted out your paycheck beans and realized you could swing just one more call in before being docked.

    Oh, wait, I almost forgot my most FAVORITE thing: when the person who uses up all his sick time all the time suddenly finds himself actually SICK, and needing to take several days off--or, when there's a surgery and it's a few weeks off--and there's no time left in their banks. So some kind fool starts up a COLLECTION to help the slacker with his bills...because he has no sick time left! I'm not kidding, this one burns me!