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Called for 2nd interview!

  1. 0 I graduated in May and passed the NCLEX in June. I have applied at so many places and have only been offered 1 per diem job at a surgery center. Out of the blue, I got called last week from a Major Medical center! I was told that there were 400 applicants for 2 New Grad positions and they have selected 40 applicants to have phone interviews. I did the phone interview and felt I did well, but didn't give it another thought. 3 days later the RN recruiter who is an RN called and arranged for a 2nd interview next week. I was told that there would be a panel of 5 people in attendance. 3 of the people or the Nursing supervisors for the open position and 2 RN recruiters. I was also told that there was now 3 New positions and that I was a the top candidate going into the next round. Do anyone have any advice for this interview?? I am super excited and scared.
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    Awesome...Congrats! My advice: Take a deep breath and relax. You'll hit it out of the park.
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    Go in prepared. (THen take a deep breath and relax)
    Is this for Med/Surg or a specialty unit? Say WHY you want to work that unit.
    If it's a specialty find out WHAT certifications you can get working in that field. For example, ICU nurses can get their CCRN and become "certified" in their field. Mention that you want to attain this certification. They will be impressed by your obvious interest and dedication to the area.
    Look at their website, find out about the different departments they offer. Do they have any centers of excellence, electronic charting, pioneering in oncology research. Be prepared to mention any of these in the interview, they will know you have done your homework.
    They may ask you scenario questions. Remember your ABC's, and always mention that you would call for assistance. They don't expect you to know everything, but they do expect you to ask for help and know when you need it.
    Good luck and I have my fingers crossed for you!
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    Congratulations and good luck! Please keep us all posted
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    Whatever you said on the phone... keep saying it because you obviously did a good job.
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    Awesome and Congratulations!!!!!
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    Let us know how it went! Congrats!
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    Grats! It's a great feeling, no?

    In addition to the above...all correct...if they ask about how you would handle an issue with a co-worker, tell them you would speak with the co-worker first. *Then* if that didn't work, you would ask to have both of you speak with a supervisor or manager together. Always give the impression that you will try to work a situation (with anyone, co-worker, pt, pts family, etc.) out with the least amount of fuss.

    Good luck!