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Hello: I don't believe in reinventing the wheel. Thus, I am looking for the following: 1. Facility call light response policy and procedure (how long do you allow for CNA to answer call light) 2. Refusal of care policy... Read More

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    Quote from backatit2
    notice the bolded words:

    "i don't think that's unreasonable. obviously if i'm dressed out bc a patient is in isolation and i'm changing their bed i'm not going to stop what i'm doing, undress, and go answer the light that is probably, "can i get my pain meds" or "will you bring me some ice," but if i'm in the hall or in a patient's room that i'm able to step out of, i do think you/i should (and i do) go and answer it immediately. if it's "will you bring me some ice" i will finish up what i'm doing and then get some ice. if it's, "i need to go to the bathroom" i will go to their room right then if what i was doing can wait. when you gotta go, u gotta go!"

    i'm pretty sure the person who said stop what you're doing and answer the call light didn't mean to drop a patient on the ground to go answer a light. come on, people. what happened to all these critical thinking skills i keep reading about.
    she said she wouldn't drop what she was doing if she were in an isolation room. she clearly said she would step out of a patient's room to answer another light. sorry, not doing it. besides, if i'm in another room, and a patient needs ice, i'm not likely to remember thy need ice. interrupting care makes room for errors.
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    Quote from 3dayRN
    We have had a policy for awhile that states NO ONE is to walk past a room with a call light going off (still haven't figured out what they want us to do if we are walking to a room where we just answered a call light at the nurse station and have to walk past the room with a call light going off to respond to the one you just answered at the nurses station) but ANYWAY, I think it's funny that our manager or shift supervisors, who are nurses obviously, and they themselves walk past a call light. Don't you think this should include them also??
    We must work at the same facility, yes?

    At my last facility, every staff member was responsible for answering the call light right down to the housekeepers. Granted some staff could not perform the task, they would find someone who was able to.

    The call light policy was the only thing that place had managed to get right.
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    Many nurses seem to forget that they too can go answer a call light. I can't tell you how many times I have been on my lunch break and watched 4-5 nurses sitting and chatting at the nurse's station talking about things that do not pertain to work. They will look up at the call light and see it and ignore it. If you say anything to them, it's either "Oh, we're busy." Or "We can't take people to the bathroom." You mean you can pass out medicine and stick people with needles and all of those fun things, but you can't walk a person to the bathroom?
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    At my last building, the call system was computerized. The CNAs wore beepers. If they didn't answer in 3 minutes, the staff nurse beepers would go off. Still not answered, the nurse manager's beeper went off. Finally, my beeper would go off. I never heard my beeper. The computer kept track of how long it took to answer a light so if a disgruntled family member or DPH surveyor said it took too long, we'd print the report and show them.
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    I do not follow our policy that no one can walk past a call light. As someone stated in an earlier comment I will not stop if I'm already going to another room to pass meds etc. I just think its very telling that management , the ones that came up with our policy, ALWAYS pass rooms with lights going off.
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    Thank you. If anyone have verbiage which should be used in the policy and procedure please inbox me.

    We have a great call system accompanied with 1 hour support checks of each resident. Our calls will roll over to management phones if they are not answered within 7 minutes. We start talking to staff upon calls greater than 10 minutes, and most times they immediately started care when they go to the room and neglected to reset the call box upon entering the room.

    I appreciate the feedback.
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    1. Facility call light response policy and procedure (how long do you allow for CNA to answer call light):
    Any staff member answers the call light. They have to answer it as soon as reasonably possible (caught up in a code- Call light can keep ringing 'till someone is free. Standing around talking- you better get to answering fast)

    2. Refusal of care policy and procedure: Not sure what you mean by this. Refusal of care by a patient? They are within their rights to refuse any care.
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    Quote from OldNurseEducator
    Have you ever been a post op patient in pain who has been waiting 45 minutes for a pain pill? I think those other nurses not on their breaks but ignoring call lights out to be ashamed of themselves. Just sayin'.

    It is especially distressing not to get your bedpan in time and have to be cleaned up by staff. The staff may not think much of that, but believe me, the patient does. I realize that nurses can't always prevent that because of understaffing and other issues.
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    I was walking with medications in hand. I was walking past a call light and our CEO who is in house, said "are you going to answer this call light?" I said "I have meds in my hand (mind you pain meds), this room is on isolation, do you think it would be right for me to gown up, and leave these meds sitting outside of the room?" (whether it was isolation or not I would never take someone else's meds into someone's room). Amazing.
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    We had an administrator who thought it was everyone's job to answer call lights. One went off on the floor so off he went to answer it since the staff nurses were passing meds and I was trying to get someone out for an appointment. Fifteen seconds later, he ran to the nurses' in the face....saying YOU have to go. Apparently, this administrator who told us he had been in the business for years, had never seen one of his clients ( a wrinkly little old lady) totally naked. We all had a good laugh--including the little old lady. He NEVER answered another call light again.
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