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I have been visiting this website for the last two years and this is my first thread. I hope someone out there will read it and help me:) I have a BS in Web Design and after a life changing... Read More

  1. by   futurenurseya33
    If you already have a BS degree there are a lot of options out there that will allow you to bridge that to MSN. I'm in a similar boat but without the children. I simply cannot afford to spend more money on a Bachelor's degree. So i'm getting the ADN which is much cheaper for me. I can't comment about what to do with kids but I do have a job which i need and is somewhat demanding. You just have to do what's best for you. Perhaps you can lean on your husband for more support. With just me, I'm still learning to deal with all the demands.

    PS...i purchased a crock-pot which works wonders timewise!
  2. by   noyesno
    I was in the same situation as you, minus the nios, and chose the ADN. I did not want to go $35,000 in debt for another bachelors degree.
  3. by   Quickbeam
    I chose a second degree accelerated BSN program over an ADN program. No regrets. It was hard work but during that 12 months I also got married and managed to take a 3 week trip to Scandinavia. It was hard but I had been working 2 jobs and going to night school...the accelerated program was a relative breeze after that!

    Seriously, my accelerated program took great care of me, made sure I got all my classes and the best possible clinical rotations. I'd not have traded that experience for the world and I got a great career out of it. That was 25 years ago.
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    I would check w/ the accelerated program about their schedule.. Mine was not 5 days/ week 8-5. It was usually 3, one 10 week block it was 4. It seems that a lot of programs are different, so it may help you compare if you know the schedule for you particular program.
  5. by   emom
    SanDiegocaliRN- I just want you to know that your post made a huge difference in my life! Keep Inspiring people sister!