boils, furuncle and abscesses-skin cultures necessary? most likely MRSA? - page 2

Wondering what everyones experiences is on patients who present with boils, furuncles and abscess like formations? Does the provider always culture? How do they decide? From my own experience and observing those of my... Read More

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    The irony of this is, it's years and years of antibiotic-happy docs and patients that have led to the emergence of superbugs like MRSA. I don't have any easy answers, but treating resistant microbes with a cocktail of antibiotics amounts to kicking the can down the road, IMHO.
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    Bacteria are actually quite amazing in their ability to adapt, pass their DNA (especially their resistant genes) to others, and survive. They are growing resistant faster than we can find new drugs to battle them. It's scary, it really is.

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