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    Somehow in my move from home to school, I lost my BLS card. I still have a copy of it, but I don't have the physical card. Does anyone know if I can get a new one? I would be willing to pay a little bit if necessary but I do not want to sit through a full course again and pay full price. My school already has the documentation of me being certified, but I'm just worried I might be asked to show the real card for some reason. Ideas?

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    Talk to the training center where you took the course to see about a replacement.
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    I have already tried to contact them, but I received no response
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    If your school has a copy on file, see if you can get a copy of their copy. If you have a copy of the card, you shouldnt need the actual card for anything I believe. For jobs I have always brought in a copy of my cards for their files.
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    Oops I just saw that you said you still have the copy:]
    You shouldnt need the physical card if you have a copy. I wouldnt worry about it.
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    Just my own experience... I lost my card and was starting a new job and needed to show my card... I asked my old employer if they knew how I might go about getting a new card; they flat out told me that there was no way I could get a new card. The person I talked to was kinda snooty about it too; probably sour grapes because I was leaving that god forsaken place.

    Anyway though, they DID let me have a copy of the copy of my card that they had, and I showed that to my new employer and they were fine with that. I keep that copy in my wallet. I'm willing to bet that as long as you have a copy of your card, you are fine.
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    I agree, most facilities only require a copy as proof of completion of the course. I wouldn't stress about it as long as you have a copy of the card.
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    what if you don't even have a copy? i am googling it now, and came across this thread... i know it is an old post but...
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    If you took it though AHA, they should have a record of it, although they also usually refer you to the instructor you took it with. I know you tried to contact the training center; did you by chance leave a message for the instructor? They are supposed to keep records on file.
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    thanks for the fast reply ~ i will check with my instructor. i just was looking on the AHA website and can't remember my log in stuff.. lol. could i be any more organized? seems like having my acls would be enough evidence.. ~~ i am a travel nurse and i know it is just handy to have all that stuff even if my company has it on file...

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