Best General Nursing Journals?

  1. 0 What are the best nursing journals? Not for specialties, just nursing in general. I'll be starting on a med-surg floor this summer and there are so many magazines out there, I'd like to pick 1 or 2 that are considered to be the most current and well-written. Thoughts?
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    I access general nursing articles electronically from my hospital's library website. I also access some of the free articles at
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    I like American Journal of Nursing and Nursing2009.
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    Quote from floatRN
    I like American Journal of Nursing and Nursing2009.
    Same. I also enjoy Nursing Made Incredibly Easy.

    I've gotten some nice CEU's out of these.
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    I like Nursing 2009 (changes by year), and the free journal Advance for Nursing
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    I like Advance, too -- besides the great price (free!) it's usually tailored to your geographic area as well.

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