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Cindy-san specializes in CCU & CTICU.

I like purple! ^__^

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  1. Cindy-san

    Daytonite has passed away...

    What?! Oh no! RIP
  2. Cindy-san

    F.D.A. Steps Up Oversight of Infusion Pumps

    I had 2 pts who had the insulin pumps and were found on the floor with BSGs of 20. They both spent several days in a coma in my old ICU, but eventually recovered.
  3. Cindy-san

    A Sign of the Times? We're hiring!

    We started hiring again for our ICU's a few months ago. I don't know about new grads though. Everyone has been experienced and we even contracted a couple travelers.
  4. Cindy-san

    Do you usually stay in the specialty you start out in?

    I am definitely moving on. Almost half-way through grad school, at the moment. I do however feel like my best friend has become trapped in med-surg even though she says she "doesn't like it." I think she'd rather not give up her current every 3rd weekend schedule for an every-other weekend schedule on a floor she might be happier on. (She also has become a major drama-queen, so that might be part of the problem too. )
  5. Cindy-san

    Scary story I heard from some nursing students

    WORD And more WORD. Nursing school was several years ago now and even then, I couldn't get into the FSBSG machine without one of the nurses putting in their passcode. And none of them left without making sure I knew what I was doing since I was working on their passcode. I think we have a game of exaggeration dramatics filling in for lack details here.
  6. Cindy-san

    CRNA making better pay than Primary Care Physicians..

    General anesthetics have been replaced by milder forms of sedation for many surgeries today, and these along with local anesthetics obviously require far less monitoring than general. Not true. You don't have a nice tube to keep your airway patent, so that's another worry. And toxicity from locals can be quite nasty.
  7. Cindy-san

    CRNA making better pay than Primary Care Physicians..

    :yeah: I wish I could "kudo" this more than once.
  8. That's how we roll at my job, part days and the rest nights. For developing a relationship w/ nights, it starts when you talk to them in report & the rest will come as you work with them throughout your career. I found orientation to be busy (days and nights) since they gave me the sickest pts, so chat time was a minimal.
  9. Cindy-san

    Jobs hard to find for new nurses. Duh!

    Wait are those 1,000 students all nursing?! How the flying fig trees do they get clinical time/slots/instructors for all those students?!!
  10. Cindy-san

    Introduction - along with a few questions

    I don't want to "let" my mother stay in a job that is making her physically ill either. That's why I'm working to help her with money and assisting her in researching new options for a new job. That doesn't mean she isn't fully involved and not in 100% control of her career decisions. We have no proof this man is making the decisions for his wife. I'm only here because I like forums but not everyone does. Just because people don't utilize forums doesn't mean they haven't done their research on a topic. If I didn't like forums, I would have no objections to my mom or best friend coming by to pick the brains of people here about my master's program and letting me know what the responses were. These are people who are very close to me who I've spoken with in great detail about my future plans. I've reached out to them for their thoughts on my goals and have no objection to them educating themselves further on the topic. I sincerely hope that if they should post here, asking for information from people who can respond if they please, they wouldn't be met with such a response.
  11. Cindy-san

    Could you be a whistleblower?

    @Chico David RN - what awful stories! To think people take oaths not to harm and still do such horrible things. People like that make me sick. And then the ones that try to help the patients get punished. :angryfire
  12. Cindy-san

    Introduction - along with a few questions

    I would say, while she's working on her BSN, she should start working. Her job might even offer tuition assistance for getting her BSN. If she hasn't already gotten into some "get your RN & Master's degree" program (which it sounds like she hasn't), it'll be better if she has experience when applying for a Master's program. Also, I've worked with NPs with no nursing experience, and in ICU, it wasn't pretty. As for CRNA programs, they require at minimum 1 year of ICU experience. Good luck to you both!
  13. Cindy-san

    Nursing and Prescription Authority

    My family has the sense when to take tylenol for their routine aches and pains, they don't need me to tell them. For anything unusal, out of the ordinary or exacerbated, I tell everyone to call their PCP.
  14. Cindy-san


    I think that earlier concerns about a Propofol shortage may have given Fospropofol a bit of a shove out the door. AANA said it was made available for use on Nov 16th, 2009.
  15. Cindy-san


    Yes, it was approved Dec 08 and made available for use Nov 09.
  16. Cindy-san


    Is anyone using Fospropofol/Lusedra? What do you think about it? I haven't gotten to clinical yet, but I'm curious about how this drug is being received. Although I imagine that since it's new, it's expensive and not being widely used yet.