baby hiccups

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    I posted this on the pedi forum,,but it's not very active right now. For all the nurses and the moms out there, what are some tricks of the trade to help relieve baby hiccups? Not to sound insane, but this is a first baby **cute cute**, I work LTC and had very brief encounters with babies in school so it just freaks me out when he starts hiccuping and it just seems like his ribs are being overworked. (I know we are not physicians,, so am not asking for medical adivise, just tricks from the moms out there and the nurses who have pointers) Thanks!!!

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    From one mom to another, I give my daughter an ounce of cool or lukewarm water. If that didn't work, I would give her the pacifier-that would usually help.
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    I'm not a mom myself but am a chronic hic-upper; ugh. I've found that what mostly triggers them in me is swallowing too much too fast (one theory is that hic-ups are caused by overstimulation of the phrenic nerve). Is he feeding from bottles? It could be that he's gulping too much air; make sure he's as upright as possible and maybe (if you're not doing this already) use those angled bottles (Playtex? Like I said, I'm not a mom LOL) that are supposed to reduce air swallowing. That's all I can think of off the top of my head...poor little guy; hope you get some good tips here.
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    He's breastfeeding, and I've tried the water thing and it doesn't work. I wonder if anyone else has other ideas....
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    Hiccups can be a sign of a GI problem, so you might mention it to the pediatrician the next time you visit. My daughter has GERD, and she hiccups constantly because her diaphragm is irritated. She gets them at least three times a day, and they usually last 30 minutes to an hour. Her GI specialist assures me that they aren't painful... Just really annoying. I don't have any tricks to get rid of them, but a pacifier does tend to help.
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    NICU nurse here...we sometimes tell parents to feed the baby a little bit of breastmilk or formula and then burp. it's usually ok for babies to hiccup though, but if it really bothers maybe ask your pedi at the next visit? t.
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    NICU nurse #2 here: If it's only hiccups, the best cure is time. They're annoying, but not a problem.
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    I always suggested getting the baby to suck and swallow.
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    My baby had hiccups everyday in utero and all the time after he was born. I used gripe water. Works every time.
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    Thanks everyone. And maybe y'all are's more upsetting to me than the baby. That is the second time I've heard gripe water mentioned. What is that stuff and can I buy at any regular Kroger/albertsons?? Thanks.. I knew this was the right place to ask

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