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In a normal situation, when a torch shines light on the pupil, the pupil constricts. If the torch is not moved away and continues to shine the pupil, what will happen to the pupil size?... Read More

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    Quote from tkyeung
    In my hospital, the assessment form only allows me to fill in reactive (十sign)or non reactive(-sign) for pupil reaction. Therefore i must choose reactive if reaction takes place, non reactive if no reaction takes place.
    This is why I think old fashioned narrative-nurses notes are better than all these forms and flow sheets that seem to be the norm these days.

    It forces you to write your assessment out in narrative form. No checking boxes or writing plus or minus signs.

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    Why would you continue to shine light in someone's eyes after you have already assessed their pupillary reaction? No further reaction will be noted if you don't move the flashlight away BUT, in pediatrics at least, your patient will likely hit/kick you to get you to move the light or will squeeze his eyes shut.
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