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Apologize for last post...

  1. 2 If you don't know which one its the only one with about 200 posts on it, you'll figure it out :P

    When I posted that I was venting a little bit because my mom said that my idea of going into Pysch nursing was "stupid and retarded" (don't judge her she just just gets dumb at times) She pretty much said I would not enjoy it and that I would hate it and a bunch of other stuff about Nursing that she really has no clue about.

    What the post was meant to say was quite simply: do you enjoy your job, and if you do or don't what are the pros and cons. The answers I wanted were clearly not reflected in the question I posted. Did not mean to offend anyone here and say they don't have a reason to complain, and that it is all Unicorns and happy bunny rabbits and stuff on the job (if it was it wouldn't be a "job". Thanks for the replies and I am very supportive of any information given on this site.
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    Take it as a lesson learned. Learn how to pick your battles in real life and on this site.

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    What you've said here and what you've posted in the other thread are two completely different things! Your other post came across as argumentative and aggressive. You really need to look at what you're trying to say and what you're actually saying. Hopefully this has been a lesson learned for you.
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    Till the next feeding frenzy.... lol
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    You're certainly entitled to your opinions. And at least you stuck around to defend/debate your OP. Too many people seem to start controversial threads only to bail once the consensus starts going against them....
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    Quote from Ruas61
    Till the next feeding frenzy.... lol
    Come on... he started the thread to apologize.
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    OP, since you've started two threads (not including this one) since Sept about how threads on here are making you question your choices, maybe you should listen to that little voice. I know when I was in school nothing would discourage me from nursing, mainly because I had already been in the medical field for 8 years and knew the good and bad. Good luck with everything, but I would really take a good hard look at why you are going into this field and why the posts are hitting a nerve.
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    This is actually a good lesson in communication for you. What you say, how you word it, and the order in which you do have a direct impact on how your words are received, and likewise the response you get in return.
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Come on... he started the thread to apologize.
    I meant any thread that causes such a frenzy in posting and opinions. Was not speaking to him or his topic/
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    Quote from Ruas61
    I meant any thread that causes such a frenzy in posting and opinions. Was not speaking to him or his topic/
    Good heaven... one miscommunication, mistranslation and misstep after another around here.

    I'll send you my apologies and I think I'll just pack it in for the night.