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Hi All, After waiting for years finally opportunity knocked at my door. I graduated 5 years back but couldn't work due to personal reasons, but when I was ready I didn't find a job. I now have a part-time night shift... Read More

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    Thank you everyone! You all have pointed out a big benefit of the DOH job -- flexible time to run both work and home due to hours. I thought of doing both the jobs but I know it's not possible since there will be at least one or two days when I have to work all day and then go to work all night. It's not practical and in fact it is dangerous for the patients too. So I wouldn't do it. Since I do want to gain hospital experience I think I will talk to DOH about it and ask them if they can give me less hours for now turning into full time later or maybe I can directly contact them later when I am ready to take the job. What do you all think? This really is a tough decision for me because I really still can't decice which one is the better option for me.