Any other EMS professionals turned nurses having issues!

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    Hi all,

    I am an RN also a paramedic, I was a paramedic first. I always dreamed of being a paramedic, since kindergarten to be exact... I will be honest, I went to nursing school really so I could make a better living, and not really because I had a desire to be a nurse. I know I am going to take a beating on here for that statement!!

    Just wondering if any other EMS professionals are having problems making a tansition from emt/paramedic to RN... and if so how much time did you give it? (been a nurse for three years now, tried a new area, still love my office on wheels much better).

    Any oppinions would be appreciated!

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    Well I have afew friends that were EMT's and wanted to Paramedics but ended doing nursing for the same reasons. Better money and better hours, Unfortunately, they are unhappy with their choice too. It seems like being in emergency situation in the field is much better suited to thier personalities. They are looking for a better fit by trying all kinds of nursing. It sucks that you had to change your real goals for more money but maybe you'll find ur niche if you keep lookin at other areas of nursing.
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    Its just the total lack of autonomy! I started in the level 2b special care nursery, took NRP the other day... and everything is the Dr. will do... hell I can't even put in an umbilical line at this hospital as a nurse! give me a break!! I was told oh your job is to just hold the clamps up, oh thats so challenging, NOT!

    Already worked in the ER for three years, hated it!

    I just can't stand the Dr. may I...
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    I deal with EMS on a regular basis, and several times there has been an RN with the EMTs. I know two of them, and they do shifts in a local ER as well. Maybe something like that is up your alley.

    And as far as going into nursing for the money, that may not be the most noble of intentions, but if you're compassionate and know your stuff, I don't see why anyone would think poorly of you. Hope you find what you're looking for!
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    I'm not sure if you work ER or not....but that is where I would go. I work ER with many nurses who are/were EMT and medics.
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    Have you thought about critical care transport? This is also available as a neonate team if newborns are more your thing. If you can handle flying, flight nursing is very much like EMS.
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    I have no problem with anyone being in the profession for the money. Trust me, if I wasn't making decent money I would be gone! Screw the "calling", it's a bunch of baloney the establishment wants us to believe. I'm all about the pay. And yes, I'm a just as much of a professional as the next guy.
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    Quote from HiHoCherry-O
    Have you thought about critical care transport? This is also available as a neonate team if newborns are more your thing. If you can handle flying, flight nursing is very much like EMS.

    I have thought about that..... and will hopefully do transport, although there are not to many jobs around here for that unfortunatly. The competition is fierce around here for any job!

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    "Screw the calling" all you want, but it is exactly why I became a nurse. I gladly took a $30,000 per year pay cut for the "calling." We all come to our professions and passions in very different ways. I believe (warning: opinion, which of course is worth what I paid for it) that most who go into nursing only for money and job security might easily become disappointed with that decision. But by no means, does that translate into all who decide on nursing for those reasons. The "calling" is another way of legitimately entering this honored profession.

    To the OP, RN/EMT-P are used in my local ambulance services. Might be a better fit. Practitioner or PA programs may also be worth a look. If you're younger than I, medical school (MD or DO) might still be possible. Paramedics have a lot of autonomy in the feld. Many times you are the only person who could save a life. Ain't no MDs and very few RNs where you guys go. I'm a former REMT-B.

    Hospitals may be RN staffed, but they are MD-centric. We are considered a necessary evil that "costs" the hospitals money, while the MDs generate funds. Administrators do not usually get that without nursing to actually treat the patients, MDs could not bill all those hours requiring procedures, rooms and such which pays everybody's salaries.
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    Well well well....

    I started my ultimate dream of going into healthcare as an EMT-B, and have also dreamt of going into healthcare as far back as kindergarten. Now I went into nursing for many many reason. Not only is it for the money and better life etc which is minimal if I may in the grand scheme of things that is for those of us who went into nursing for other reasons. But it is for an extension and advancement upon one's clinical knowledge set. It is an advancement over simply prehospital. There is a much larger picture than prehospital and ED in that patient. If the other part of the picture isn't for you than stick to ED or prehospital for Petey sake like ***** As for me...

    Well I am having NO issues. I will get much banter as yes I am stepping in and saying it but I know far much more clinically now than ever, sure I was no EMT-P but....

    I work in a large metro SICU, and as for some of my friends did I would die and go to heaven to go to flight or TSICU or CVICU but my ultimate dream is CRNA which I have already been accepted to yay oh yeah, oh yes!! And no it is not for the money at all as many seem to think it is about, those on that mode, go find another career path, really. So how many EMTs having trouble transitioning into nursing where I in any day..

    Can independently use my clinical knowledge set to know which pressor to use, which gtt to use, what vent setting to use? Can you even read a 12 lead? Hello to versed, etomidate, succ, any curium, precedex dopamine dobutamine epi norepi vaso methylene blue argatroban CVVH THAM flomax A/C PS, IMV, PC, etc etc etc tell me you know these abbs. Tell me you can respond to any code and run it independantly no prob, get back to your patient afterwards who has a Swan and an open abdomen, 2 chest tubes, then run the whole unit as charge, then leave to place say 5 Ultrasound guided IVs on other floors just for fun even if I can place them blindly. Advanced hemodynamic monitoring, flotrac, Stroke volume variant, CVP, Cardiac output, systemic vascular resistance, etc etc, TNCC, PALS ACLS, CCRN, Will never go back....

    So if you have an issue in your RN career pick the RN path that is more like your speed high adrenaline high stakes life or death the good stuff- ED, ICU, trauma, etc, plenty of paths in that for nursing, just pick it and get the hell off the floor or peds or whatever it is that isn't fitting for you or boring you. And nowadays I'm so far in it takes a lot for me to get the rush anymore.. For the money, really? Be in it for the LOVE, for the excitement, and get a clue.
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