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I know I've read on here multiple times regarding MA's calling themselves nurses but now its not even the ma's but the doctor's office they work in calling them nurses. I feel this is so misleading and done deliberately. I... Read More

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    No, not really- misrepresenting yourself as a licened professional when you are neither- licenced and do not meet the critera to be called, labed,referred to or classified as a "professional" is still an an act of fraud, a felony, a crime, punnishable by law.

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    When I "ranted" about this in a previous post, someone told me that anyone can do what the doctor says is okay to do. My main rant was an x-ray tech who was administering meds and injections and calling herself and answering to the term "nurse".

    Funny though, where I work, apparently anyone can be a "nurse". From the x-ray techs all the way to the office supervisors (who have absolutely NO nursing knowledge). It clearly states in the regulations that no one can assume the title of "nurse" (LPN, RN, etc.) without actually being one, even students who have graduated and waiting to take boards, but no one seems to care but me!
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