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Hi all, I'm a new grad RN that just started my first nursing position. I've heard about the importance of signing up with nursing organizations at the state and federal level throughout nursing school in order to support... Read More

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    If you join ANA you are automatically joined into your state chapter. Choose what would be of interest and benefit to you. You can always cancel if you don't feel it's for you. I like the clinical reports and web-based info that is available. CE opportunities. Also legislative doings. It is also tax-deductible!

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    I've been a member of the ANA since I graduated from nursing school many years ago. It helps me stay informed about many issues and it also is the organization that links me to my professional liability insurance.

    Over the years, I have also been a member in several specialty organizations. They help me keep current in the knowledge of my specialty. I have also been a committee member with some of those organizations, made a lot of professional contacts, gotten discounts to conferences, been a conference speaker, etc. Active membership has definitely helped my career.
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    What does this mean?
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    i am not a member of the ana, nor am i a member of my sna. i am a member of the cna/nnoc. i am a member of the ons and hpna, as well as m-o-u-s-e.
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    Quote from bluedevil,dnp
    just wanted to add that not agreeing with every platform issue is an excellent reason to join and get involved. the best way to make your voice heard within your profession and thereby make certain that someone is speaking for the minority opinion is to speak up yourself!
    ​what if you oppose everything they're about? that would be a waste of money and time.
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    I landed my last job based on the fact that I was a member of INS. The director thought that since I was the only one she interviewed who invested in the profession that I was more likely to stay within the job instead of trying to hop to another department. I am a member of

    American Nurses Association
    Arizona Nurses Association
    Infusion Nurses Society
    Arizona Vascular Access Network
    Association for Vascular Access
    American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
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    I joined ANA and my state association about 6 months ago. To be honest, I did it for networking purposes because I was looking for a new job at the time and thought it would look good on my resume. I got the new grad discount but it was still over $200. I can't say I've used it for much yet though. Not sure if I'll renew or not.

    I always thought I'd like to go to a nursing conference or something but at this point I'm just trying to get my feet on the ground at my new job.
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    Just want to add that as a new grad I decided not to join a specialty organization because I haven't yet found my specialty and didn't want to invest in something that could change so easily.
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    Quote from sbostonRN
    Just want to add that as a new grad I decided not to join a specialty organization because I haven't yet found my specialty and didn't want to invest in something that could change so easily.
    So many of the nursing practice associations have excellent information regarding general nursing practice. Take INS for example, I would assume you are going to work in patient care at some point. Most patient care involves the use of IV therapy of one type or another... The AACN provides information on all kinds of general nursing practices, etc.
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    True that they can be expensive to join.. and many of said organizations give nursing students a hefty discount. Join while you're still in school.

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