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Schools seem to be all for it. Nurses, not so much so. Opinions are all over the map. What is a nursling to do? Please weigh in with rationale.... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from Rose_Queen
    I think the ANA is out of touch with the bedside nurse, which is where the majority of nurses are. I wouldn't pay for a membership. I prefer to pay into an organization that is much more relevant to me: AORN, my specialty organization. It does come with complimentary membership to ANA, but I would never pay to be a member of ANA and I never use it.
    Representatives from the ANA toured my unit a few years ago. I was asked to show them around. After chatting with them, it became glaringly obvious that they were not only out of touch with the bedside nurse, but that they didn't value bedside nursing. I'll never grace them with my membership fees again.
  2. by   llg
    If you are planning to attend an online school in the near future, the dues may be worth it. Many schools give discounts to ANA members.
  3. by   mmc51264
    I am a dual member with my state NA. I can write it off on my taxes, there are discounts for members. I find it worth it for me. I am also a member of my specialty (ortho) and one of the specialty nurse informatics ANIA (I am an MSN-Informatics student).
    One of the advantages is access to CE credits too.

    For those that do not like the views of ANA, join and be part of the change
  4. by   Flatline
    I used to support ANA but I feel as though they are too polarized in their political views. I am all for paying dues so that they can lobby on the behalf of nursing but if I wanted to donate to a particular political candidate or party I would.

    As odd as it sounds...I do not like how ANA lobbies for public health care issues. I want a professional nursing organization that is there to serve me as the nurse, not health care in general.

    Now I just support specialty professional organizations that only lobby on the behalf of our specific issues.
  5. by   amoLucia
    As a new professional, how up to date and knowledgeable are you are issues that face healthcare, in general, and nursing, in particular?

    So like what effect do you see ANA impacting on your healthcare and employment issues?

    As a newbie, I was not savvy re 'the big picture'. So all the political activities fell flat. Even state membership was too 'out there'. I was like 'a little fish in a great big ocean' so I didn't find it informative or of much other use. And it is expensive.

    They used to offer new grads a reduced rate for the first year post school. So you could decide for yourself after the first year if you choose to renew.

    Better to search around and find one more specialty oriented. There is much to be said for professional association membership, but I didn't find ANA to be the one.