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Some of you probably remember the old Ken-L-Ration commercial that had a kid singing, “My dog is better than your dog!” That’s a popular refrain these days, only instead of pups and their chow, we’re talking about whose hospital... Read More

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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Interesting - a local hospital brags on huge billboards all over town that a patient gets "seen" in 30 minutes or your care is free. Of course "seen" means triaged by a nurse and the public thinks it means seen by a physician.

    I was visiting my fil a few months ago when he had gallbladder surgery and the rooms were amazing. The TV's were on this long arm that could be pushed up out of the way into a corner or brought right to eye level within inches of the patient's face. But the CNA's and Ward Clerks were still scarce. Since the ratio law, RN's are pretty much alone on the job.

    I don't know how to fix things - you pass a ratio law and then other staff gets cut to pay for more RN's.
    This is the essence of my particular beef; no service-orientated business can function without sufficient staff to perform the actual service. It might be argued that any hospital that advertises top quality care, yet provides inadequate staff to perform that care, is guilty of misleading advertising, but accuse them and they'll probably plead "nursing shortage".

    The bulk of "nursing" care is actually basic care, and does not require a qualified nurse to perform it. By taking away the lower echelons in favor of RNs, the hospitals only put a greater burden on their qualified staff, and a lower standard of care on their patients. The fact is that they really do not care about the patients, only the money brought in by them.

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