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Hi all, I am currently a nursing student in a BSN RN program heading into my senior year (woo hoo almost done). I have also been elected Vice President of the Student Nurses Association at my school and today I got hit with... Read More

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    I had one when I graduated from LPN school, it was a beautiful ceremony. We had @40 graduates. We did have students who opposed having it in a church so it was held in the school gym. Those same students stood silent during the nursing prayer because they are atheists. My personal thought was that it is a religious like ceremony and they should have chosen not to attend (it was optional).That said, my RN pinning is on Friday!! We have 130 grads. It is mandatory but the ladies leading the prayers have been instructed to keep it nondenominational and not to say Jesus. Also, our pinning is the only graduation we get to share with all of our family because the college has limited us to 4 tickets.I think in the effort to be politically correct, nursing schools are doing away with the pinning. They may give other reasons but ultimately it comes down to the possibility of being sued.

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    My school decided to combine the pinning ceremony with convocation. My graduating class had mixed emotions about this: the basic BSN 2-year students are the most ticked off because they fundraised for a while to have a separate ceremony. I am part of the 1-year accelerated BSN students, and most of us did not really care either way. I personally was happy not to have to attend a separate function, especially when a separate pinning ceremony would be more heavily attended by the 2-year class, and at our school the 1-year and 2-year students traditionally get along like oil and water. I guess I never really appreciated the significance of a pinning, as I am the first nurse in my family ... And this being my second career, I am more focused on graduating and getting back to work! One year of my life without employment had been incredibly and insanely difficult. I will never eat ramen noodles and cheese sandwiches again!
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    I'm getting pinned next Friday (at a 2 year school) and we almost didn't have one due to budgets. Anyway, my feeling (and those of the classmates I've talked to) is that the pinning ceremony is an honor, and a BIG deal. Not to take away from other curriculi, but we feel the Nursing Division deserves something special that is just ours. I have a 4 year degree as do many of my classmates, and we all say the same thing: getting a Bachelor's in something else is NOTHING like getting through a nursing program. If for no other reason than to recognize the hard work and dedication it's taken to get you here, you totally deserve a pinning ceremony (and I told my mom it might be the only time she gets to see me walk down an aisle wearing white )
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    Well personally I'm not sure about BSN and all that, I'm just a lowely LPN BUT, my class only had 7 students in it and the other instructors didn't feel that we were enough to 'validate' an entire ceremony so they said we could wait and get pinned with the class following us, 3 months after we would have all graduated, taken our test and hopefully become LPN's. Well needless to say we did NOT wait lol. We decided that we would have our OWN ceremony with our own $ outside of school and just do it that way.. So just talk it over with your peers and see (I'm not sure if you said how far away you are from graduating) if everyone could pull some $ together, rent a space somewhere, make it a potluck instead of catered and just get some decorations. Have a guest speaker, maybe a favorite teacher or choose one amungst yourselves to do the introductions. You can usually order pins offline or even at a local scrub shop. It could still be a very nice ceremony, and hell, just to 'stick it to the man' (and out of professional courtesy of course ) Invite all of your instructions and 'higher ups' that had anything to do with your course studies. Good luck, I hope you have a good ceremony
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    Being sued over what?
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    I think that it is nice tradition that can still be carried out by the students themselves probably cheaper than it would've been had the school sponsored it. You can make it have any form or fashion that you all choose. Look at the positives of it.

    I can see from the schools POV why they think it's outdated in a way and "not professional" only in that no other professions have a sorority/fraternity-type ceremony. At least as far as I know, and I graduated with a BS in another field in 1994. Also, do the men get a pin too? Maybe that is part of it too.
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    I think if your class wants the ceremony, you should have one. I find your instructor's comment insulting. I'm a diploma nurse who is in a BSN completion program. I've been certified in multiple specialties, yet by her standards I'm somehow defective or insignificant because I didn't go to a BSN program. FWIW, there were no BSN programs in my area when I graduated.

    Her comments are a prime example of issues that cause divisiveness in the profession.
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    Our CC is getting rid of the pinning ceremony as well. We were the last class to have it. I thought it was special and different and a tradition that should be upheld! All Nurses have a pinning ceremony! Not sure why they are doing away with it. Maybe because there is also a formal graduation, which I will not be attending btw! The pinning is exclusively for nurses and that is what i considered my graduation! Our ceremony was beautiful! That's sad that so many programs are doing away with it. Good luck with whatever you plan!
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    Quote from amoLucia
    Good for you Spidey - just one more thought for these kids. Even if you guys don't have a ceremony, BUY your pin from whomever sells them!!! You'll never have the opportunity to do so again! Pins that have been lost or stolen are sorely missed by their owners. Years ago, RN magazine had a yearly issue whose cover page was full of various school pins; some pins were exquisite. So memorable to see your pin there. Don't know if RN magazine still exists. Ohhh, the old days!
    How true. I lost my original pin years ago, and I was heartbroken. I was able to find a company that made our school's pin, so I bought a replacement and had them engrave it on the back like the original. But it still wasn't the same.
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    There was a pinning ceremony for us, but we had to buy our pins, find an instructor willing to pin us, and did all of the leg work to have a place and a nice evening. I didn't bother with pinning or graduation either. I don't down others, it's just not something I've ever been interested in.
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