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I was just making notes of some abbreviations for dosage forms and saw "ung" listed as the abbreviation for ointment. What I was wondering is if this is actually what nurses, doctors, etc. use in... Read More

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    Quote from MunoRN
    What's wrong with "ointment"?
    Nothing is wrong with ointment. Unguent is just a holdover from way back when, as are many medical terms used today.
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    thanks. i used that stuff for years and never once heard it called that. must be a local thang.
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    Ive personally never seen any in hospital order for "TAO". I guess a physician can order anything in his office. Triple Antibiotic Ointment is OTC. In the hospital all I ever saw was those little one time use squirts of Bacitracin.
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    Quote from grntea
    what the heck is tao? lemme guess a bit here, it's a wound care thang, so, umm, touch and umm, ah, nope, that doesn't work. tacos and onions? i know honey can be good for yucky wounds (really), but seems like the taco shell might be irritating. terrible awful occlusive? keeps the smell down, i guess.

    is this some sort of local abbreviation?
    could be- saw it all the time in multiple central tx cities/towns, and in il