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whereslilly has 30 years experience and specializes in Long term care, Rehab/Addiction/Recovery.

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  1. This one from my "new" DON at LTC/Rehab facility. I'm (was) the nite Supervisor. Admit coming from several hrs away didn't arrive till middle of my shift. Was expected in the afternoon. New DON calls me to "make sure I order 2 trays for admit. His wife may be hungry." OK if I press 0 do I now reach room service? Umm no tray service at 2am. Im sure I can come up with PB &J. "New DON's say the darndest things".
  2. whereslilly

    Finding jobs after being fired

    I know this post is old..but it still unfortunately rings very true. Yes, there is some pos itive signs in the job market for RNs. It is still a terribly glutted market. The new game is hire you on, meanwhile building you and your families hopes up. (Yes, when there is no paycheck and you are the breadwinner its your kids that suffer). Then "legally" within your orientation period..before your bennies kick in, they find a reason to fire you. I know it is not me. I have held positions for 7yrs,3yrs,5yrs and then for 11 yrs. I have never heard such bs excuses. My family tell me to sue. Ha! Like I have the time, money, or inclination to do this. Generally, I have entered into situations where I was set up to fail. Guess this is why the job(s) were available. I am so sick of these games. I guess Im going to have to look into homecare. Hopefully I wont have these problems.
  3. whereslilly

    Not many Black/African American nurses working in the ICU's

    I have worked in many different Critical care area's (CVCU,CCU,MICU). Also, this was in more than one hospital. They were all in the NY metro area. They all served a very diverse population. In turn the nurses I worked with generally represented this population well. To put it bluntly, yes I worked with many African-American, Haitan, and other Caribean nurses. It just depends on where you live. This was also at least fifteen years ago. I truly believe (and have personally experienced) there is a terrible undercurrent of racism in this country that did not exist at that time. Just my opinion.
  4. whereslilly

    Interviewer cried during interview

    :redpinkhe:clown: Maybe I "Wooed" and got my new job?
  5. whereslilly

    Interviewer cried during interview

    Normally an interview situation should be professional and formal. Yes. There are always exceptions. Perhaps something terrible had happened to one of her patients? Perhaps she was recalling a relationship she had with a patient who didnt make it? Personally I would love to work for someone so in touch with their emotions. Makes them real and approachable. As far as the question have you ever cried during an interview? Well, slightly guilty. After 100's of interviews, even being called back for 2nd and 3rd interviews and still job searching, I guess I was becoming unglued. A lovely HR lady was interviewing me. She asked me the Golden "Tell me about yourself " question. I did. "Im a mom, a nurse, an excellent nurse. Ive been a nurse for 25 years. I became a nurse because Im a natural caretaker. If you ask anyone who ever hired me they would hire me again in a second. Im most importantly a mother to 2 boys. I need a job. I want to work. I dont know what else to say any more, what hoops I need to jump thru." At this point I had tears in my eyes. Yes, I did. I instantly regretted what had happened. Well, she said I had a very impressive Resume, (they all say that), she was very impressed with me, and would help me! Well, to make a long story short, 3 interviews followed this (3 different jobs) at this organization. I was hired for a position that is perfect for me! I will start in January.
  6. whereslilly

    Cracked and Bleeding hands...help?!

    Personally, I only use those hand sanitizers when nothing else is available. I detest them. My hands never feel clean; I always go to wash as soon as I can anyway. If you are in the field they are a life saver. Otherwise, i find a sink and some soap. I always have lotion in my bag/pocket.
  7. whereslilly

    Cracked and Bleeding hands...help?!

    Like many other posters I always "embalm" myself with a thick coating of a variety of A&D ointment, Vaseline (name brand), on both my hands and feet every nite. Then wear white cotton socks and white derm gloves. Most importantly, when you get out of the shower when your body is still wet apply a thick coating of Cetaphil cream, not the liquid. Great stuff! I use Cetaphil lotion or Curel if unavailable during the day after every hand wash. Saves my hands.
  8. I agree with Libby about the job choice, for all the above reasons. I have to disagree with her as to the suggestion of "Benzo's". I'm certainly not diagnosing you; please see an appropriate professional for that. If you are not insured thru your hubby, look into your states Dept of Mental Health for possible clinics in your area. If you need a med it sounds like a good SSRI that can be weaned, and is not addictive might be helpful. Many drug companies will offer free or below cost Rx. Please get help. You have no idea how much better you can and will feel. Existing is not living. I truly wish you the very best.
  9. whereslilly

    How do you get thicker skin?

    Sick people are Angry people. He wanted that reaction from you! Its not so much as a "thick skin" as a basic understanding that as a nurse, its never about you. Unless you were negligent with your care, and obviously you were not, its purely projected Anger. A good response would be, "I see you need assistance, how can I help you sir?" Deflect and try to deescalate the anger. Never stand over the Pt. Stand slightly away, as not to intimidate him. Continue to speak in a soft tone. I see that this is something you are sensitive about (your weight). The Pt doesn't know this. He isn't out to hurt you personally. Never internalize what a Pt has said to you, either Good or Bad. (slippery slope). As you gain experience you will see and hear alot of ugly things in the ED. Some very sad. This is a good lesson: Never take it home with you. Most importantly, never let an Angry Pt get to you!
  10. whereslilly

    Speaking foreign languages

    I too..but can you speak pig Latin??
  11. whereslilly

    OMG I don't think I can do this job

    Mom: What happened? more details needed..and Breathe
  12. whereslilly

    swabbing off iv ports or saline locks before hooking up fluids

    NurseCard: I had scrolled thru and didn't see your post. Absolutely. As I remember there was a theme of "guilt" associated in that thread as well...:confused:. Perhaps the OP need to consult her clergy/priest instead of a Nursing forum? i am sensing lots of Issues.. Just my opinion.
  13. whereslilly

    swabbing off iv ports or saline locks before hooking up fluids

    Ahh..yes, see "popping and squeezing Boils"
  14. whereslilly

    harder to get a job with a phone interview?

    Phone interview? I have spoke to perspective employers on the phone, never considered it an interview. Great idea though..don't have to dry clean my suit or put on pantyhose.
  15. Im smiling, but not mocking your pain at all. I clearly remember my Med Surg 2 Instructor, an old school nun riding my -ss like there was no tomorrow. I really didn't do anything wrong she just chose me and one other girl to really wear out. I was doing excellent in the classwork, and completing my clinical Pt work. The thing I remember best was her saying to me as I was preparing an IV to hang for my Pt: "Girlie if you cant properly purge your Buretrol I don't know how I can pass you". Anyone remember Buretrols? Well, if you initially got too much fluid in the drip chamber you couldn't adjust the rate properly. I think I was nervous, and I did this. Later on I learned the trick to fix this. Anyway, the irony in this is that I did pass, obviously.. Later went on to become IV certified. Please don't let her get into your head! Go to your clinicals, do your assigned tasks as well as you know you can. Kill her with outstanding Nursing Care!:heartbeat
  16. whereslilly

    Why hire RN's when other disciplines can do the job

    OOH, Jersey you made my day!!;) Nailed it!!!

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