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Has this every happened to you? You actually have two days in a row off from work. You have no plans in particular, but have a few things to do that you've been putting off all week because you... Read More

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    Thank God for answering machines and/or the ringing phone that goes unanswered!!! My time off is mine! Family first all the way!!.....they will always be with me, the job will not! After I put in my mandatory OT and my on-call time, I just don't want to give any more. Balance.....take care on one's own mental health. We talk so much about the importance of taking care of ourselves but so few of us really do it. This is one way we can do it..just say NO!

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    In the hospital I work at if you are contacted by phone and the answering machine picks up it is considered a contact. For example they can call you to work a PM shift instead of NOCs. If the answering machine picks up and they leave a message, the message is considered delivered, and If you don't show then you are considered a no call, no show. My answer to this problem, I have no answering machine, no answering service, ect. End of problem. Also I have a no guilt rule, If I dont want to work, I refuse to feel quilty for it. No one can MAKE me feel anything.

    I don't come in often on my days off, however I do stay for an extra 4 hours almost every time they ask, this way they can not claim that I don't do my fair share of pitching in.
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    JillR.......what is the 'punishment' for being a no call/no show???(if any). I guess you are supposed to stay home all day, everyday, including your days off just waiting for that phone to ring so you can answer it and be asked to work yet another extra shift!!! That is ridiculous!
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    Why feel guilty for not coming in? Administration doesn't seem to feel bad for overworking and underpaying us do they? When they call my house and I don't want to work (My hospital pays time and a half plus 20% incentive pay for day shift to come in on a day off) I simply say NO WAY! I say if it is that dire, call a disaster and have the nurse managers and pencil pushers scrub up and work.
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    WOW, Leaving a meesage counts as being contacted, this sounds too crazy. What if they forget your on vacation and the messages pile up. This is very sad.
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    My feeling is that the more the regular staff covers for shortages, the less likely management will be to hire float or PRN nurses. Sometimes crap happens, maybe a last minute family emergency, etc., and I don't have a problem with that. But to expect nurses to give up their well earned time off is garbage. Some do, and then want to whine about the number of days in a row they've worked. I refuse to feel sorry for them.
    Before I went PRN, I had cut my hours considerably. Many felt that should mean I would be available for extra shifts. Nope, wouldn't do it.
    Now, when I get up in the morning, there are always 2-3 calls on my answering machine. Sometimes more. And I don't feel compelled to work any that I really don't want to.
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    I do not feel guilty not coming in or answering the phone, Does administration feel guilty not giving any raises in the past 4 years, do they feel guilty cutting back on our benefits but raising the costs? When I work I give 110% but my days off are mine.
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    They can't just call us and force us in on our day off. That wouldn't count. They can however change your shift for a certain day and leave a message on the machine. This happened one time that a person was supposedly contacted by machine and never got it because she didn't have one at the time (it was broke). The person who called documented that a message was left. They cannot force us in on a day off unless a disaster plan is activated, which means that EVERYONE gets called, including the office people. I guess I wasn't very clear with my first posting. I know that people have not got the messages and did not get in trouble. Like someone said, what if you are out of town or something? In my opinion this policy is really not enforsable (sp?).
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    Oh please, I've been on both sides of the problem. I left my management position 5 months ago for a staff position and peace of mind. I spent all that time calling and begging staff plus having to fill in the position myself ( with no bonus bucks or overtime money). Now I get asked to work extra. They think that I understand what they are going through. I do but I'm done with guilt. Just today I was asked to give up my weekend off to sub as the house supervisor. I was offered the moon and the sky. There were no other administrators around to help as I used to do. I said "no" and I went home. There is enough of overtime and extra money with the current staffing shortage. When you want it you'll go seek it out yourself. You don't need to wait for the phone to ring. Enjoy your days off, we deserve them.
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    My facility frequently calls for extra shifts as well. How's this for a kicker? Not only do they call nurses to cover nurses shifts, but they often ask nurses to come in and work as an aide!! (at regular pay) I used to pick up shifts--I like the money--but then I realized that the more shifts I cover, the less likely they will be to hire the help we so desperately need. I feel bad for my coworkers who are stuck short of help (I was last night), but I think that is the only way to make administration realize that there are changes they need to make. As for feeling guilty, NOPE! I was hired to work a specific schedule, we (myself and the facility) both agreed to it. I am not in breach of anything by having days off, and it is my decision and my decision only whether I work above and beyond that, barring a disaster situation, of course.


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