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  1. by   Andrea516
    Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems to be growing a tap root out of my bottom into the couch!!! I have been soooo down on myself because I can't seem to find a job if my life were to depend on it! Keeping my fingers crossed and chin up...going on almost 150 rejections for jobs now due to not having experience. How are we supposed to get experience if nobody will hire us?
  2. by   zena37
    wow I feel lucky. I was hired the day after I took my NCLEX PN provided I passed. I had just stopped in at a nursing home because I had met the DON once while on my preceptorship. I started the next week and have worked overtime since.

    But it is a nursing home and the pay isnt so great since it's rural

    I had planned to go on and get my RN via distance learning. But after reading this,maybe not. Perhaps I should just be happy to bloom where Im planted and stay in LTC or hospice and home health.

    I wonder if it's due to the area? I have always lived in little rural areas and that's what I prefer. Im curious if the ones who arent finding jobs are in big cities.

    but at least I will end up with my year of experience,even if it's not med/surge. Guess we'll see

    I do really hope you get employed in the field of your choice soon. Good luck to you
  3. by   Andrea516
    Yes I live in Phoenix Arizona ...LPN is easier to hire simply because they don't have to pay as much to train you as well as the liability. I have so many friends that I graduated with who have not been able to get a job as well. It is really tough but I am trying to stay positive.
  4. by   NewAggieGrad09
    Quote from MrsW1109
    I would seriously send this into a local newspaper or something. That is the best description of new grad nurses...

    That being said, it took me 4 months to find a job. I finally found one in a skilled nursing facility, but they didn't have any job openings posted online. They were close by so I went in and asked for an application.

    Have you tried looking into the Mollen Immunization clinics? RNs are paid $22/hour. I don't know if they are still hiring, but it's worth a shot. They don't care about experience, they welcome new grads.

    And to those who think that you may be able to work as a CNA though you are a licensed RN.. It's not likely. Most places will not hire you below your license due to 2 big reasons. 1) You will leave the second something with a higher pay comes along, and 2) there is a possibility of your overstepping your job description because you are licensed and you know what you're doing. Sad, but that's what I was told from the hospitals around here.

    Good luck to all. I want to scream everytime I hear about the nursing shortage!
    I literally JUST applied to Mollen online! My classmate told me about them, so I jumped up and applied!
  5. by   katie8
    you are amazing. hahaha. I was sitting here the entire time nodding my head and saying the occasional "yuuup". good work man.
  6. by   E Non Imus, RN
    Quote from MrsW1109
    Have you tried looking into the Mollen Immunization clinics? RNs are paid $22/hour. I don't know if they are still hiring, but it's worth a shot. They don't care about experience, they welcome new grads.
    I want to thank you so much for suggesting this. I have all my paperwork in and will be doing the training in a few days! It is nice to think that I'm actually going to be using my skills.
    I'm hearing there aren't many hours to be had doing this and I know it will only last until December, but it is experience and a paycheck. It is a band-aid solution, but one that is sorely, sorely needed.
  7. by   mlblmt
    Thanks for writing and posting this. I just shared it with my class that graduated in Aug 09. I just got hired on as a Patient Care Associate at my "Dream Facility". I have to stay in this position for 6 months, but its worth it to me. Best of luck to you.
  8. by   VELEK458
    Dear "A Day in the Life"

    God, your life sounds a lot like mine right now. I feel really aggravated that nursing school filled my head with: "the hospitals can't wait for you guys to finish" so I could get a job. I wish they would have prepared me for reality instead. How in God's green earth are you going to walk out of nursing school with experience? In fact, most of the people who are telling me this were in fact new at one time. I don't know what to do. The competition is fierce, and I am not sure how I can make my resume more competitive or appealing. Have any ideas? Where is your "nursing shortage" occuring?
  9. by   NurseJennDenn
    It took me 5 months to land my first nursing job. It was in long-term care and I hated it. That was this past May. Tomorrow I will find out if I got the Nursing Dept. Manager job at a home health facility with over 300 clients. I'd love to floor nurse but those positions require 2-3 years experience. However, I'm ironically qualified for a managerial job (I was in management for 10 years) and this agency feels I have the strengths to run their nursing dept. I graduated in Dec. 2008! Of course this is Alaska and we are desperate for nurses. Maybe you should move here. Ah heck, I probably won't get the job anyhow :P
  10. by   janee214
    This is hilarious!! thanks for shedding a little humor and truth on our desperate situation!! i have an interview tomorro..for a floor and hospital i would NEVER have chosen under normal circumstances..but i gotta take what i can get!! wish me luck!!
  11. by   NurseJennDenn
    Good luck w/ the interview!!! I've learned as a first year nurse that we're just glorified drug dealers and prostitutes. We'll work anywhere under any conditions as long as we are working :P
  12. by   mswhite
    hey guys, just keep pushing it. it took me 9 long months after passing my nclex to land a job.
  13. by   cosmicsun
    There are no jobs. It was a strategy by the hospitals years in the making. Flood the market with nurses, which brings down salaries and they can treat you like crap (there's 100 just like you in line outside the door waiting for your job if you don't like it). Basic economics - Supply and demand. They flooded the market for over 10 years. Good luck finding a job.