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  1. Andrea516

    where to get malpractice insurance

    Do you work somewhere that requires you to purchase malpractice insurance?
  2. Andrea516

    A Day In the Life of a New Grad

    Yes I live in Phoenix Arizona ...LPN is easier to hire simply because they don't have to pay as much to train you as well as the liability. I have so many friends that I graduated with who have not been able to get a job as well. It is really tough but I am trying to stay positive.
  3. Andrea516

    A Day In the Life of a New Grad

    Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems to be growing a tap root out of my bottom into the couch!!! I have been soooo down on myself because I can't seem to find a job if my life were to depend on it! Keeping my fingers crossed and chin up...going on almost 150 rejections for jobs now due to not having experience. How are we supposed to get experience if nobody will hire us?