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  1. zena37

    A Day In the Life of a New Grad

    wow I feel lucky. I was hired the day after I took my NCLEX PN provided I passed. I had just stopped in at a nursing home because I had met the DON once while on my preceptorship. I started the next week and have worked overtime since. But it is a nursing home and the pay isnt so great since it's rural I had planned to go on and get my RN via distance learning. But after reading this,maybe not. Perhaps I should just be happy to bloom where Im planted and stay in LTC or hospice and home health. I wonder if it's due to the area? I have always lived in little rural areas and that's what I prefer. Im curious if the ones who arent finding jobs are in big cities. but at least I will end up with my year of experience,even if it's not med/surge. Guess we'll see :) I do really hope you get employed in the field of your choice soon. Good luck to you
  2. zena37

    Question about online LPN to RN

    Thank you . No I hadn't. New to this site also :)
  3. zena37

    Question about online LPN to RN

    I'm a new LPN grad working my first job. I do want to go on and get my RN because I like ER and also the pay. But I dont really like any of the bridge programs I have seen. Also , I will probably only stay in Oklahoma for a year ( to pay back Physicians Manpower grant) and then will be moving to the Paris Texas area. ( met a wonderful man :redbeathe ) Anyway , do yall have any views on online? Ive just looked at The College Network and Indinana State University. LPN school was easy for me, even though Id been out of school 20+ years. So I think I will be ok in that respect So I guess I just wondered about this , since all the threads I see are about brick and mortar schools. Thank you :)
  4. zena37

    Opportunities for new grad LPN

    I passed my NCLEX PN August 13 and started work at a rural nursing home August 18. I started at $15.00/hour. I also want to continue to get my RN ( I precepted at an ER and I looooved it ) but I also needed the money,and nursing homes do pay better than med/surge. It seems low compared to city,but when OKC is over an hour and Tulsa is nearly 2 , it works out.