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Ok, the title probably didn't make much sense, but I was referring to skin. :uhoh3: seriously, 5 new zits in one shift!! Not only that, by the end of the shift I felt a cold sore on my bottom lip... Read More

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    Quote from Little_Mouse
    Yeah, I do believe the stress is a major factor. And I realize that I become super dehydrated and not drinking enough h20 during my shift (yet manage to fit in a cup of coffee, lol)...plus I wait to eat when my stomach starts to growl...it's bad when the pt hears it!

    I follow Dan's regimen (from acne.org) since I was in HS and found it the most effective on my skin (and I had tried nearly everything by that point). But like I said my skin got really bad after start nights.

    I guess I'll have to FORCE myself to drink more water and eat during my shift...lol....who said nights aren't busy???? Maybe because I'm still kinda new, it's difficult to fit breaks all the time...
    I make myself drink an 8oz cup of H2o Q time I fetch a cup for my pt and the breaks will get easier to fit in with experience.

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    Quote from applewhitern
    I have super oily skin and have had to fight acne and blackheads all my life. Plus I live in a hot and humid state. I have used Neutrogena Acne Wash with 2% salicylic acid for years, and it is the only thing that keeps my face clear. I sometimes use Neutrogena "2 in 1" Rapid Clear with 2% salicylic acid also, especially when I don't have time to wash my face well. The salicylic acid really gets rid of zits fast, and it quickly reduces the scars, too. I never wear foundation, just use a powder compact, like Clinique superpowder, which covers like a foundation but does not break me out. Keep your hands off your face at work! My chin kept breaking out until I realized I was constantly touching it while I was working at the desk at the hospital.
    Dose this dry out your skin? I used neutrogena gentle cleanser but have to follow with a neut. lotion because my face is dry and tight. I'm 48 yrs old and battling mild acne and was recently diagnosed with rosacea.
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    Working off shifts affects every part of your mind and body. Earthclinic.com is a self help natural cure/treatment site with lots of wonderful ideas.
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    If skin gets infected, get ABs. Also I use Betadine on my cold sores - stops them itching and spreading, doesn't look great but the cold sore usually disappears in about 2 days. I also take multivitamins everyday, eat lots of fruit @ work, & veggies for tea, & no junk food. Drinking veggie juice at work also helps too.
    Get enough sleep as well (ha ha!)
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    Quote from mkjh
    I've been so sick since starting nights. It hasn't shown on my face, but I think it would be easy for it to do so.
    I worked nights, then 12 hour nights for 3 years, then switched to 3-11. It was then I realized that I had been chronically ill for the last 3 years.
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    Working night shift is just not healthy, period. Our circadian rhythm doesn't cooperate as we would like it to. I worked night shifts for 14 years and always felt sick, tired, was shaky and often nauseated. I thought I was normal, too! I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good. I have been working day hours for 9 years now and never know how good it felt to really be normal.
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    In fact, even day shift is unhealthy if you are woken by an alarm. That means your body was not through healing, so another shock to your body and soul~
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    Tokmom, it doesn't dry out my face, but my daughter says it does make hers dry. I am 54, but have been using it for so many years, my skin is probably used to it. It doesn't even dry the skin around my eyes. You might want to try cleocin topical gel, for the occassional break-out.

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