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Ok so I took my first tb test like a week or so ago. Nothing happen. No rise when shot was administered and skin was smooth as a baby's bottom for 2 days. So I took the tb test again on the opposite... Read More

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    I don't know why companies still does the TB skin test when it can be so inaccurate. Probably because it is cheap. I personally preferred the Quantiferon Gold blood test - one tube and I'm done with a fairly high accuracy rate.
    I wish I could like this a million times. Since I discovered the Quantiferon Gold, it's the only test I use. One little blood draw once a year and you're done. No muss, no fuss.
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    My 2nd test came back positive so I got an cxr done the same day. I just got a called from my doctor that my cxr was negative, but I'm prescribed medicine in order to prevent active TB from happening!

    I'm just happy I'm not spreading TB around (although very common to have) and to be honest I'm happy I found out so that I can take steps to prevent it.

    Thanks everyone for their response!
    Not trying to give medical advice, but honestly, I would have a blood test done to see what it says before starting any medication, but I've always been the type to not take any medication unless I reeeeeeally need it. Assuming they will put you on rifampin for the latent infection, it can be pretty rough on the body. I'd want a second opinion, but that's just me.
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    Before you start taking those pills, ask for Quantiferon Gold test.

    Some people have kind of slight misbalance of immune system (In fact, quite possibly almost all of us have it but in 99.9% it doesn't mean anything). If T-part (cell-mediated immunity) is in overdrive for some reason (which can be a recent common cold or certain period of menstrual cycle), then tests based on its function, like Mantoux, can be false-positive. In fact, they are used pretty often for functional assessment of T-cells mediated immunity status. Quantiferon Gold, just like Mantoux, shows the evidence that you and the Tb mycobacteria have met each other at some time in the past, but it is quite more specific.

    And yeah, that was the last time you ever had that (In fact) very unreliable test which, for all honesty, should not be mass performed for at least 25 years already.
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    I had a positive PPD skin test when I was in undergrad, along with several other co-workers at the SNF. I feel it was an allergic reaction. I had a tiny reaction but my grandfather passed and I missed the official reading due to the funeral. The re-test reacted more and was considered positive. Not the end of the world but juggling chest x-rays when everyone else does the skin test has been a true hastle and source of confusion for multiple employers. No fun. I am sorry. The odds of actually getting TB, especially after taking all those meds is extremely small.
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    I react, as in allergically react to the TB test with large red welts but no induration. I had marks on my arm for over 6 months. I also had to get the chest x-ray and it was negative. It is no longer best practice. If I was supposed to take heavy duty medications for TB I would verify it with the blood test. It is accurate and best practice.
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