12 Hour Shifts

  1. Hey All I Have A Question,our Hosp Just Change Our Shifts To 12 Hours,they Say Almost All Are Doing This These Day Is This True?i Have A 7 Year Old And Feel Like I Will Miss Alot.ie Football Games Ect?
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  3. by   meownsmile
    My hospital has been doing 12 hour shifts for both LPN and RN's for almost 15 years. Sure you miss a game now and then, but its worth having the 2-3 days off in a row to be there for the school parties and functions that you missed before. 12 hour nights arent so fun, but you learn to live with it. It takes a little planning and sometimes some special arrangements if you have to deal with child care but i think its worth it.
  4. by   TexasPediRN
    I just switched back to hospital work from private duty, and its taken me a few weeks to get used to the 12 hour shifts, but I think I have.

    The good point though about 12 hours, is that (at least at my hospital), 36 hours, or 3 shifts a week is considered full time, with benefits. I also have the added benefit of self scheduling, so if I dont want to work say, on tuesdays, I dont have to.

    Not to mention, you'd have 4 days off a week with your child. Right now I continue to do Private Duty on the side, as I'm not one that can sit around and be off 4 days a week. But, I'm really looking forward to being able to work only 3 days a week when husband and I do decide to have a child.

    Its really not that bad!! Good luck with it

  5. by   banditrn
    Our hospital ICU did 12 hour shifts for a long time - some loved them, others didn't, me included.

    At this point in my life, I just don't have the energy anymore - much over 8 hours and I feel like my brain starts to 'shut down', but then, I work LTC now.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    For 3 years I worked 12 hour shifts and loved the fact that I had three days off in a row every week. I now work 16 hour shifts and love the fact that I have 5 days off in a row every week.
  7. by   MarySunshine
    So you work 2 16 hours shifts in a row? I'm impressed!How do you get enough sleep inbetween?
  8. by   tofutti
    Adding a question to the original posters, hope that's okay: For those who work three 12-hour shifts a week, 36 hours...do you get paid for 40? Or do you just get the full time status so you can receive full time benefits?

    Curious. :spin:

  9. by   huskersfan
    I work 6 12hr days shifts in a row and then have 8 days off in a row. I have been doing it for 6 years. It is a long stretch but the 8 days off are worth it. I accumulate vacation, and then can use it and really have alot of time off. I work in a very busy rehab unit so the time flies by.
  10. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from MarySunshine
    So you work 2 16 hours shifts in a row? I'm impressed!How do you get enough sleep inbetween?
    I usually get, at the most, five hours of sleep between the two shifts.
  11. by   Fairlythere
    I work a 60 hour pay period, so I have to do five 12 hour shifts in 2 weeks. I usually work three days, once a month I do a four day weekend Fri-Mon. I have between three and eight days off in between depending on the pay period. I get shift differential. I get extra pay if I go over the 12 hours or miss lunch for any reason. I qualify for full time benefits, but no I dont get paid "80" hours. I can come in another 20 hours if I wish to when staffing calls for help. It was hard to get used to the graveyard, but Im starting to like it.
  12. by   SitcomNurse
    I wouldnt trade my 12's for anything. Its great for the kids (6yo and 20 mos)& my socialization.. I went boating today, saw my sister a few towns away, napped for 3 hours and came to work. Cant do that on a day tour with 5 days a week!! But believe me, on my nights off.. I am sleeeep-in.
    i work in a respiratory unit short & long term care facility(AKA nursing home) but believe me...theresw plenty to keep me awake!! Come meet my reisdent friends, up at night..... lol...
    And I am off for the next 3 days.