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"One Measly Act Of Charity" - page 2

I was middle-aged when I decided to become Catholic. My mother was raised in a fundamentalist church -- one of those churches where Sunday services last all day and there’s a lot of (literal) Bible... Read More

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    Just lovely. God bless you all
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    What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing! I know it's said often in your articles, but you are a very gifted writer and storyteller!
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    I just wanted to say I loved this story!
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    Ruby Vee,
    This is a beautiful insightful story.
    Please keep it up.

    Thanks for your advice. Avatar 'me' is gone.


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    i LOVE your writing style!! wow, what a gift there!! I could read you all day long, you should be published, YOU ARE A TALENTED WRITER!!!.
    I love anyone doing acts of charity, for any reason, and i love supporting transplant efforts and i love love love supporting research, too!