Nurses Pushing Propofol for Conscious Sedation -Your Thoughts? - page 6

I would be interested in getting feedback from GI nurses that are involved in propofol sedation in settings with and without anesthesia. Your thoughts and experiences please. Thank you, Randy... Read More

  1. by   PMFB-RN
    it does work well for pt's who do a lot of drinking or high tolerance for pain pills, *not processed via liver.

    *** is cleared by the liver.

    outpt setting dental office bagged a pt for over an hour till 911 got there. we were last on the list because we were a medical office.

    *** uh, why would you bring this into a discussion about the use of propofol for conscious sedation? obviously if you were bagging that patient for over an hour it was related to something other than propofol.
  2. by   Grace Oz
    I underwent a colonoscopy yesterday - wednesday in Aust. - I was administered with propofol and fentanyl by an anaesthetist.

    No problem.
    Last night and today I'm feeling a bit tired, but otherwise ok.

    The fact I knew nothing during the procedure, felt nothing, awoke afterwards in recovery .... suited me just fine!

    Both drugs get my vote.
  3. by   herbladysjl
    I worke Endo 9 years. I have given lots of fentanyl, versed, demerol. I think with extra training we should be able to give proprofol. Constant monitoring is required and the sedation nurse cannot have any other duties: ie: monitoring vitals, etc. much helping with procedure. This is my opinion. Sandra in 'North east Texas. I also would love to find a job in endo in the Texarkana/Paris, Tx area. Or Idabel, OK. Respond if there are any jobs out there.