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I work part time at an out patient surgery/GI clinic. I was told that anesthesiologists will now give all moderate sedation to GI patients. Formerly RN's did this. Is this becoming the norm? So many ways this seems crazy but... Read More

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    Quote from swift125
    I reciever a letter from the endo center that was to do my colonoscopy stating that an anesthesiologist would perfom the sedation. Fine, since propofol will be used, I'm comfortable with an MD, not a RN (CRNA) doing this. My wife (she's an MD) arrive and I get gowned and IV started).....before I sign the consent, my wife and I have questions for the anesthesiologist..........guess what? no MD in the building. A chatty CRNA tried to convince me that: "she was just as qualified and any anesthesiologist to administer propofol" that point my wife corrected her: "sorry. but you are a nurse. not a physician"....My wifeasked a great question; since we live in PA and the local hospital uses the ACT model for anesthesia cases, why praytell do they let nurses (CRNA) practice solo across the street at the endo facility? answer: it's profitable and dangerous for the the endo lab, CRNA need to be supervised just as they would be in a hospital. My wife was a nurse before going to med she's sympathetic to nursing..BUT: I never want an unsupervised nurse (CRNA) doing my anesthesia.
    Sorry I have to disagree with you 11 years I had a surgery done with a anesthesiologist that nightmare he forgot to turn on the o2 there nothing like filling yourself being pairlized and haveinng a mask with no air put on your face I work up from that with a poped jaw from the tube

    sence then I have had 5 surgeries done by (CRNA) and have not had any problems at all I am going to alway request a (CRNA) if I can .

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