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  1. sorry wannabecrna...you are wrong.I know a lot of GI docs (not as a nurse) and most skip the dubious benefits of sedation for their own endo procedures. Many patients (myself included) specify fentanyl only (yes, we request this and the doc approves or disapproves the request)............I won't argue with any nurse about this............please lay off the cut and paste "references" your "experience" is lacking..maybe this works as a prison nurse, but in the real world patients have the right to request whatever drugs they want (or refuse) for elective procedures. The physician can agree or not...it's not up to a nurse (CRNA included).............to make this decision.
  2. swift125

    Drug Screen Question

    You have a valid rx, end of story. You have to prove that you have a valid rx; nothing more. Don't mention why you are taking/took the rx, it's none of their business, that's between you and your doctor. I take occasional vicodin for back pain; if I ever get drug tested my rx with "as needed" instructions will be all that I need and certianly all that they will get. The rx can be an old one, no matter. Don't let anyone BS you.......
  3. swift125

    DNP required soon?

    My financial planning group just had a dinner meeting and since we are a mixed group of providers (almost all with a medical or academic degree and work in the same large university med center)...I posed the question: "should anyone in our hospital who is not a physician introcuce themselves to a patient as "doctor"? Our group includes MD's, nurses with Ph.D's, PharmD's, audiologists, dentists, psychologists etc. About 50 or so professionals and everyone agreed that only physicians should introduce themselves as doctors. Nobody disagreed and this group will argue about anything. Even the one CRNA-DNP whom I love to argue with agreed that she would never introduce herself to a patient as "doctor". She's a nurse.
  4. swift125

    random drug tests

    My second job is as a hospital pharmacist and they told me that I might be subject to random drug tests...what a sad state of affairs. I have had back surgery, but I'm no druggie. My PCP thinks that this policy is stupid; I had her sign rx's for hydrocodone, diazepam and Adderall (I had ADD as a kid)....go ahead, test me, my Rx's for a month's supply and take: "prn" shield me from this stupid invasive testing...............................
  5. swift125

    anesthesiologists for GI moderate sedation?

    I reciever a letter from the endo center that was to do my colonoscopy stating that an anesthesiologist would perfom the sedation. Fine, since propofol will be used, I'm comfortable with an MD, not a RN (CRNA) doing this. My wife (she's an MD) arrive and I get gowned and IV started).....before I sign the consent, my wife and I have questions for the anesthesiologist..........guess what? no MD in the building. A chatty CRNA tried to convince me that: "she was just as qualified and any anesthesiologist to administer propofol"..at that point my wife corrected her: "sorry. but you are a nurse. not a physician"....My wifeasked a great question; since we live in PA and the local hospital uses the ACT model for anesthesia cases, why praytell do they let nurses (CRNA) practice solo across the street at the endo facility? answer: it's profitable and dangerous for the patient...in the endo lab, CRNA need to be supervised just as they would be in a hospital. My wife was a nurse before going to med school...so she's sympathetic to nursing..BUT: I never want an unsupervised nurse (CRNA) doing my anesthesia.
  6. swift125

    Bad Idea???

    Interesting thread: I just had an encounter with a GI doc (MD) and she was the most caring, friendly and personable doc that I have ever met. At age 57,I fly for a major airline (not a nurse,allnurses can ban me if desired), and my health has been basically ignored (by me). My last ATR (airline transport rating-this is the pilot's licence to fly the big stuff) was done by this gasto doc and she was great.....I will spare you the details of how she diagnosed my GI bleed..anyway, she was an RN who worked her way thru medical school.....and she's a fantastic doc....I can'tsnow her for anything (and I have the clinical backgrount to do so, plus my salary is pretty great)........basically: a nurse who becomes a physician is a great individual........mine won't let me get away with sh*t...and i'll probably live for a long time because of her care..thanks Michelle..........
  7. with all due respect wannabecrna-it's a common sense issue...any any of the doocs at your facitlit...really, you ask for ref???
  8. swift125

    recent colonoscopy experience

    Skip the Versed and be sure to write: "I'm not consenting to midazolam" on the consent. Midazolam (Versed) is given to cause amnesia, has no effect on pain and is seriously implicated in long-term memory loss/PTSD even at low doses given for colonoscopy. Check out askapatient.com for versed horror stories. Versed is not given to: "relax you" it's a cover their **s drug that causes tempory amnesia (until the patient gets out the door)..then the fun starts..this drug is patient abuse.
  9. If you specified no sedation/analgesic only and they gave you sedation, you probably have a cause of action. It's terrible that anyone whould lie to a patient like this. I have had 3 colonoscopies and always spoke with the doctor first and verified that she would not administer sedation; and just for safety we write this on the consent and both sign it. My last one use the electronic consent, we wrote the no sedation/fentanyl only on a progress note, both signed it and I gave it to my wife before the procedure began. One nurse loudly questioned why I insisted that we document this; my GI doc answered: "because more than a few patients have been promised a sedation-free/fentanyl only exam only to be given sedation anyway; many people do not want the creepy benzo amnesia and or loss of control.......many patients will not pay for propofol which is often unecessary for screening colonoscopy,,,most of the GI docs get theirs unsedated anyway....any more questions?"
  10. swift125

    DNP required soon?

    with all due respect to nurses/crna; at my hospital, only physicians will introduce themselves as "doctor"....doctor in a hospital setting means physician, pure and simple.
  11. swift125

    Starting to get depressed... (Vent)

    You might want to consider asking your doctor if some of the new electronic diagnostics (sensors that you wear and a computer records) before you accept a painful condition. My own "plantar fasciitis" turned out to be a spinal issue (infected disc).
  12. swift125

    Able to become nurse?????

    Cerda: try to patient with the meds, almost all patients have their doses adjusted for optimal effect and this takes time. A nurse on my staff has ADHD; once she got on the right meds at the right dose her entire world changed for the better. Be sure to get your doctors input on educational issues; I'm sure that he has dealt with this before.
  13. swift125

    Telling school about ADHD??

    Is adult ADHD considered a disability under the American's with disabilities act?
  14. swift125

    Physician, nurse indicted on drug charges

    Methadone can be legally problematic: 5mg tabs q6h prn for pain can be prescribed by anyone with schedule II prescribing privledges. 60mg qam obviously indicated methadone maintanence and most states require special licensure for this practice. Things can get dicey when you see an order: 5mg tabs take 12 tablets (60mg) qam...5mg methadone tabs no problem for pain, but this order is obviously for maintanence......
  15. swift125

    Substitute Teacher Gives Boy Medicine Overdose

    School nurses are essential for a variety of reasons (obvious). Most school districts can totally afford to employ a school nurse; it's a recognized specialty and they are worth every dime that they are paid.