pathway to be a forensic nurse?

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    Hi guys,

    So I just got my RN in february and am currently working on a surgical unit. I have always wanted to be a forensic nurse and have decided i am going to start towards that next spring. I am aware I need ED experience, so I will be applying for the ED internship program at my hospital in the fall to try to get my foot in that way. besides experience, what else should I do? should I just get my BSN and get my forensic certification or is it smarter to get my MSN before my certification? I am not sure how this works as it is a new field. Also, if anyone knows, what does getting the certification involve? Thanks!

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    We have nurses involved in our forensic program who do not have ED experience -- you might want to contact someone in your local ED's forensic program (if they have one) and find out what they require. What kind of forensic nursing are you wanting to do? It's a pretty varied field. Congrats on becoming an RN.
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    Thank you! Sorry for the late reply I did not get an email notification. I have no idea. I need to talk to someone about my options, I am considering being a legal nurse consultant too.
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    Hi, and congrats on becoming an RN. I am starting an accelerated BSN program to become an RN, and I too am interested in getting involved with forensic nursing. Have you had any more information in regards to where to start, or what to do?
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    You don't need a BSN, an associates in nursing will work just fine. Once you do that, you need to get certified as a FNE, SANE-A, or SANE-P, depending on what you'd like to focus on. Forensic nurses can do death investigation, pediatric sexual assault, adult sexual assault, etc. I'd go to the IAFN (that's International Association of Forensic Nurses) website for more detailed information and programs in your area.
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    Can you be an LPN to go into this field?
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    Quote from stephanie10414
    Can you be an LPN to go into this field?
    Hello stephanie10414

    Yes, LPNs can enter into this field of nursing as well.

    I've written a new Article about the Forensic Nurse that you might find interesting and will be writing future Articles about Forensic Nursing.

    Please see this new one: The Forensic Nurse

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