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Online forensic nursing program

  1. 0 Has anyone ever heard of or attended Kaplan college for forensic nursing? It is a 12 month forensic nursing program and I had undergone a telephone interview.
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    Tell us more...I wanna hear about it.
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    yeah, me too!
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    I have wondered about them but have never really checked it out. I would like to know more as well!!

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    I would like more information about this course, too!
    Can you post a link to it?
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    The link is and the program is one year. I still haven't actually talked to anyone that has taken the program but after speaking to the instructor on the phone it sounds really interesting.
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    Looks like a very interesting course!!!
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    I tried the link and it didn't work. I'll do a search when I have time.
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    I've been interested in forensics for years......thanks so much for the link, I've downloaded the information and filled out the self-evaluation form online. I'm excited!!
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    It's an excellent program. The woman who wrote the forensic nursing curriculum was an RN for a long time and was a forensic pathologist.
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    i got interested with forensic when i first saw CSI and CSI Miami... i know that what they portray in the series is not the complete actual procedure of investigation... but it still is amazing!! totally cool!!
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    I've been in the Kaplan program for 9 months now and it's the best career decision I've made so far. I'm excited about finishing however I am enjoying it so much I wish there were more.
    It's self-study and you are expected to complete the program in 12 months, which is reasonable. It's all-encompassing of areas of forensic nursing and gives good overall coverage of the role of the forensic nurse. I've been a SANE for 3 1/2 years and I've used its principles with my exams and feel my documentation just gets better, the further I get.
    The web field trips are great and there's a message board to post and the instructor responds very TIMELY any questions or comments.
    My hospital offers tuition reimbursement and this course qualifies but check with your facility before you assume it will pay for it.
    I really want to be a death investigator and this course has brought me much closer to my goal. Whatever your aspirations are in forensic nursing you'll find this course helpful and inspiring.