Online forensic nursing program

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    Has anyone ever heard of or attended Kaplan college for forensic nursing? It is a 12 month forensic nursing program and I had undergone a telephone interview.

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    Tell us more...I wanna hear about it.
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    yeah, me too!
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    I have wondered about them but have never really checked it out. I would like to know more as well!!

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    I would like more information about this course, too!
    Can you post a link to it?
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    The link is and the program is one year. I still haven't actually talked to anyone that has taken the program but after speaking to the instructor on the phone it sounds really interesting.
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    Looks like a very interesting course!!!
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    I tried the link and it didn't work. I'll do a search when I have time.
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    I've been interested in forensics for years......thanks so much for the link, I've downloaded the information and filled out the self-evaluation form online. I'm excited!!

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