How Do I Become a Forensic Nurse/Role of the Forensic Nurse

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    this thread is to help educate those interested in becoming a forensic nurse as well as help define the role of the forensic nurse.

    there are programs that prepare the rn as a masters prepared forensic specialist. there are programs for the cns forensic specialist as well. and, there are programs for the lpn and paramedic.

    but, most are post rn certificate programs.

    here are some links to help you:

    fitchburg state college online master of science in forensic nursing

    the fitchburg state college online master of science degree program in forensic nursing is a 36 or 37-credit graduate program for students who have bachelorís degrees in nursing. generally, students complete six or seven credits per semester but offers some flexibility to those who need to reduce their coursework. most students complete the program in about 2 1/2 years.
    kaplan university forensic nursing certificate

    this program is designed for registered nurses interested in joining the dynamic field of forensics.

    courses include
    • forensic physical assessment and evidence collection
    • forensic psychological assessment, interview, report writing
    • death investigation
    • the courtroom experience
    • crisis intervention and the planning and implementation of follow-up care
    university california riverside - rn, lpn, paramedic

    this comprehensive online program is designed to introduce nurses to the forensic aspects of health care and public service. trauma, acts of violence, mass casualty incidents, sexual assault and human abuse are explored as they relate to evidence collection and preservation, documentation and follow-up procedures as performed by health care providers. through web-based programming, participants engage in problem solving through the use of case study formats. nationally recognized experts host discussion sessions and serve as links to mentors in selected forensic science specialties.
    international association of forensic nurses

    • sane-a certification
    • sane-a re-certification
    • sane-p certification

    american college of forensic examiners

    sexual assault nurse examiner (sane) - sexual assault response team (sart)

    good luck. this is a very intriguing career choice.
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    What exactly do forensic nurses do? I am a nursing student interested in this field. Thanks.
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    Quote from NURSECHICK14
    What exactly do forensic nurses do? I am a nursing student interested in this field. Thanks.
    Hello, NURSECHICK14,

    The role of the Forensic Nurse has many responsibilities. Here are but a few:

    Visit the scene

    Identify forensic evidence

    Document injuries through forensic photography

    Evaluate/investigate suspicious and/or unidentified trauma

    Evaluate/investigate automobile and/or pedestrian accidents

    Evaluate/investigate fatal and non-fatal assaults

    The SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) is the most common part of forensic nursing. The nurse cares for the victim of a sexual assault, documents for possible criminal cases, collect forensic evidence, testify at trial.

    Here is a partial list of the focus of the study:

    Perpetrator theory



    Preservation of evidence

    DNA lab interpretation

    Forensic law

    Elder Abuse

    Child Abuse

    "Living Forensics"

    A very intriguing career, forensic nurses must study and understand legal issues as well. Many legal nurse consultants cross-train as forensic nurses, too.

    So, I gather you are interested?
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    This sounds interesting, I might see if any schools around here give courses in this.
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    I have been a LPN for 8 years and I'm now in RN nursing school. I want to study forensic nursing also. This is a field that interest me.
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    hello, ohioln and nawlpn.

    if ya'll have any questions, please feel free to post here or send me a private message. i'll be glad to assist you.
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    My log on is kenkoeken I am a nurse of 5 years of experience and was wondering if anyone has taken the medical examiner investigator program through St. Louis University? I am thinking about taking it this Oct and was wondering if it is worth my time
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    hello, kenkoeken and welcome to and the forensic nursing forum.

    i don't have any info regarding the program at st. louis u......just wanted to say hello.

    good luck with your future plans and enjoy the site.
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    Very useful information. Hopefully, I will be able to utilize it one day
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    Quote from nawlpn
    I have been a LPN for 8 years and I'm now in RN nursing school. I want to study forensic nursing also. This is a field that interest me.
    Me too I love the forensic sciences. i am currently working om my RN as well. I am hoping to get my RN and then hopefully take online courses. What is the job market like for this field?