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Hi! Anyone applying for USF (University of South Florida) ABSN for 2017? I can't seem to find anyone!... Read More

  1. by   mjs813
    Yes the 122 interviews was just for second degree
  2. by   LaurenFL
    Hey guys! I'm new to this post but I hope everyone's interviews are going well! I have mine tomorrow. I am from Jacksonville, so I am driving down in the morning. I am excited and nervous of course!
  3. by   Catgirl0528
    Hi! I don't think 122 was just for second degree because yesterday was my interview and one of the girls there was from upper division.
  4. by   crazydoglady89
    Quote from Catgirl0528
    Hi! I don't think 122 was just for second degree because yesterday was my interview and one of the girls there was from upper division.
    Same, at my interview half the waiting room was accelerated and the other half was upper division.
  5. by   mjs813
    Yeah they're doing interviews for upper division, accelerated, and the vCare program but I asked how many of them were for accelerated and that's what the lady at the front told me
  6. by   crazydoglady89
    Ahh, got it. Thank you!
  7. by   seb813
    Everything that was stated was correct. I was also told that just for the accelerated program there were approx ~120 invitations sent out and about 10 person that didn't respond or make a reservation to interview. There are 50 spots so essentially there are 2-3 people fighting for each seat. Those are pretty good odds actually.

    I felt the interviews were devised to be very smooth and not intimating. My interviewers were very nice and explained everything before they began asking me questions so I knew what to expect. I thought the questions were pretty straight forward and allowed people of all walks of life and career fields to easily draw up an example to answer them fully. I felt very confident leaving the room.

    With that said, I was still sooo nervous when I first sat down in the room. My heart was pounding out of my chest. By question #2 I calmed down and finally was able to think more clearly.

    I'm curious to know how other's experiences were.
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  8. by   seb813
    Oh. And I was told we would start to hear back about final decisions starting tomorrow (Thursday) at 1pm.
  9. by   RhysC
    Hello all! First time posting, but I've been lurking around this forum for a bit lol. I'm super excited and nervous that interviews are now all officially done!! I've been checking my email all day as if they would be sending out notices already or something...D:
    I had my interview on Monday and had an overall positive experience. My interviewers were very friendly, told me to take my time and take a deep breath because they could tell I was very nervous. I personally felt like I rambled a bit and didn't answer all the questions as completely or clearly as I would've liked in hindsight. I wish I felt as confident as some of the posters on here =/ I did ask my interviewer how big this class would be for just the ABSN and she told me they were going to try and increase it to 60 spots. So that's good news for us if it's true! Fingers crossed that we hear back tomorrow!