University of Miami accelerated program spring 09

  1. Anyone accepted to the 2009 summer start accelerated program? Also, anyone with any information on the program such as hours, days, etc.?
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  3. by   jerrylundergard
    Quote from ice2015
    Anyone accepted to the 2009 summer start accelerated program? Also, anyone with any information on the program such as hours, days, etc.?
    Summer acclerated is like being tossed into the fire. I had that last may and really the first couple weeks were Ok but it takes alot of time figuring out what you need to be doing and studying. Then the fright sets in because of the sheer volume of knowledge you must consume. Youll prolly start with pharm (usually the deal breaker), patho, assesment, and adult 1. You will prlly have 1 day clinical 6:30-2:30. 3 days of classes and labs and 3 day weekend that you will most likely need to spend most of your time studying. I spent the better part of the summer in the library on weekends. The first half of the summer sucks the worst. You just have to hang on and try to make some friends and see what they are studying to figure out how to study for the exams. I really hated the first semester the most.

    Then you get second semester and adult health two with ms. M. Oh shes a doozy. Great teacher but extremely hard exams. I started the summer and our accelerated group had 71 or something. I believe around 45 made it to second semester. We lost maybe 10 more on adult health 2. I calculate our group wass cut in half. No one flunked clinical that I know but you better show up on time. Study the powerpoints and do as many practice questions as you can (saunders, mosby nclex review etc.). Semester 2 you have more time in between exams but your in clinical 3 days and getting tons of paperwork in clinical. It was no cake walk either. For the grand finally they give you semester 3 and 21 semester credit hours (big LOL)!

    Its very painfull, im not going to kid you. You will get through it but you must be 100% dedicated to it. Good luck
  4. by   ice2015
    what year did you go through the program?
  5. by   k.redondo
    HI! I think I got accepted. Not sure if that makes sense. I applied as a re admission student b/c I have a BS from UM in Business Admin. I got an email from Readmissions that said my re admission was approved by School of Nursing for Summer 1 2009. However, I have a hold for Immunizations so it cant be comleted until I show evidnce of my immunizations. Isnt that bizzare. I thought it would have been a letter or something. So I am not sure if I am in or out. I am acting like I was accepted so I can begin to prepare mentally. I can imagine it is a lot of work. But for the past 2 years I have been working full time and gdoing my pre reqs at night full time. It has not been fun at all. Very very stressed. So I think becuse of this gruesome schedule I've had for the past 2 years, the new workload may not be too much of a shock for me. Dont know how I will pay for it. But I think the opportnity to do this in one year is worth the immense sacrifice and will reward you definetly in the future. The only thing I know about the program is what I've read from everyone's posts. They are so helpful and resourceful. I already took pharm and path at my curent school. I wonder if UM will make me takes again. I dont mind... You really got to know that stuff! Any advice would be greatly approeciated.
  6. by   chichi9
    Hi- Congrats on your admission! Do you have any idea how the re-admissions work? I applied for Fall as a re-admission, does UM show preference to prior graduates? Thanks for any input, the waiting is driving me crazy!
  7. by   k.redondo
    Hi Chi Chi...

    I know howthe waiting game feels.. I'm so sorry!!!!!!!! I hope u hear something back fast. I am not sure if they have a preference for prior graduates.. I have a feeling they do. Did you apply early admission (Dec 1)? Did you apply for Fall or Summer? If you applied for Fall, I don't think they have made those decisions yet

    Contact Yoli Quiles at UM.. she is in the registrar;s office. I had to keep calling to see if there was a hold on my application or if my application was complete. Another school had not sent my transcripts so my app was just sittting there. I think with Re Admission, the process is tricky because one hand doesnt talk to the other.. Call Yoli . She is super help ful!

    Good Luck!!!! Please keep me posted!
  8. by   chichi9
    Thanks so much K. Hopefully we will be classmates! I applied to the Fall semester, which was just due March 1st, so I think I have some waiting to go still.
    I have emailed Yoli and not heard back... I will try to call!
  9. by   swimincatz
    Hey guys I'm a UM alumni too!! I applied as a re-admit in November 2007 (a month before I graudated) and was accepted. I decided not to go that year and again applied this year in November 2008 and got in as well... so I think they like to keep their alumni happy!! Good luck, let me know when you hear back!! :-)
  10. by   k.redondo
    Hi swimincatz,

    Have you gotten any notifications for immunizations? I have nothing.. i was told I need MMR to clear my hold, which I did. Now they say I have to pay a late fee. I havent been a student since 2000. Im just running in circles. i keep getting transferred. Dont know what to do
  11. by   swimincatz
    They are slightly disorganized... pay a late fee... that doesnt make sense to me... they never told us when the immunization papers were due?!
    I faxed my immunizations over to Jude a few weeks ago but I haven't heard anything back... but I didn't really expect to hear anything. Do you think I should call someone? If you have a number I'll call them and see what they say to me... i hope i dont have a late fee to pay too... weird
  12. by   Skywalker
    Congrats! I also applied. But still waiting. No word yet. Keeping my fingers crossed. Did you confirm yet if you were accepted?
  13. by   BH8844
    ok so today i found out that there isnt accelerated scholars available anymore. guess i missed the deadline to apply or something.

    "thank you for your interest in the university of miami accelerated bsn scholarship program. at this time we will not be awarding additional scholarships for 2009."

    i emailed alina asking when the deadline was and how many spots were available and that was the response i got.

    just giving everyone a heads up incase you were wasting your time applying for that specific scholarship.
  14. by   k.redondo
    Hi BH!

    I think that is crap! (excuse my language) First off.... the website doesnt clarify any deadline dates. I spoke directly with Jude and he said we didnt have to do anything at all. If you read the webpage carefully, it says students were pre selected! and somewhere else I read, it is on a rolling basis. Some people were accepted in December! I just got my letter last week! I dont how all students got an equal chance to apply. And if only some were pre selected, then why announce it on the SONHS web page?? I am so frustrated because at this point, UM wants $500 to secure your clinical placement. However, because we alreayd have a bachelor, we are not eliglible for financial aid. (even though its full time and I never got one red cent in aid with my last bachelor) Then to ask for a summer loan, you need to be registered fro your classes.. Guess when UM registers you? During orientation but if your tuition is not paid for by Orientation, then you are out of luck! Am I the only person running into dead ends? I don't think I will attend Summer 1. and its a sorry realization. In all my research, everything seemed to make it so easy to get help for nursing school! Its harder to get aid than to get in!