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Anyone accepted to the 2009 summer start accelerated program? Also, anyone with any information on the program such as hours, days, etc.?... Read More

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    yes, I did submit the summer loan request (a long time ago). I also applied for the signature loan through sallie mae. UM has not told me how much federal loans I can have though. So, I am waiting to hear from them. What do you mean UM did not certify you the amount you need? I am planning on using my signature loan for tuition, books, and also living expenses (rent, food, etc). Did they okay enough for all this? I was approved through Sallie Mae so I assume that I will get the amount needed to pay rent, tuition, etc. I am worried a bit now.

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    I was approved for x amount then they wait for the school to certify that you are attending and costs and what not, they (UM) cerified me for less than half that. So that combined with stafford pays my tuition but not much else. I thought somehow the tuition was already taken out or something but when I went on the sallie mae site it showed the approved amount and then the certified amount. I am talking with someone to find out how to get it raised bc without it I cant go. Sorry if I cause any worry, have you called the financial aid office?
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    okay thanks. When did you hear from UM about this? Did they e-mail you or did you notice it on my UM? Let me know what you find out.
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    I went on my UM and looked under awards. I'll let you know.
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    Hi Jesleigh
    I would buy a plan white shoes to be on the safe could be a sneakers..clogs..or one of those ugly looking nursing shoes..once its is comfortable and white...Also...sign into myum go under student then financial and your page should list your tuition fee of approx $13600 for the summer..yeah i know i almost got a heart attack...its due by may 14th...that page also has information about the $6200 that you are getting for the summer from finanacial aid...The school does not tell you anything in the appropriate time frame...especially with us being out of state...its not like we can go visit an advisor on campus every minute...I found out about my background check form this site..and i had to call the head of financial aid last request that our financial aid be release now rather than two weeks from now...i totally expected better communication, for the price of the program...i pray that the professors are better communiator and all this is just pre program administrative loopholes...But just log onto um website..myum and start clicking on everything..u should get some infor and also you would see your class schedule...
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    Did anyone call to get specs on shoes to see if we can have tennis shoes
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    Letter was supposed to be leather in the email LOL. That's all I know, I got all nike's white leather "athletic" type.
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    I also got the "run around" with respect to immunizations and financial aid/scholarships. They only sent out the immunization requirements via email a few weeks ago. Some of these things take months for a series of shots. Same goes with the background check. It takes some time, too. Fortunately, I did my own research here on and started on these things long before the notices were emailed.

    Compared to the nursing program at SUNY @ Binghamton, where I declined a spot to attend UM - the UM program seems poorly organized on an administrative level. Nobody I've spoken with at UM seems to know the answers to the important questions or goes out of their way to be of assistance. Binghamton sends out tons of documentation and all kinds of emails about what is required, housing, scholarships, campus life, etc. And they connect the nursing students with each other via email. If I hadn't already moved here from California to attend UM, I would reconsider.

    But I still have hope that the UM academic/clinical program itself will be all that it claims to be. And I am excited about seeing the facility. It seems really "state-of-the-art." And Miami is pretty cool. I love living right on the ocean.
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    I am just about to graduate this program. Long year!

    Anyhow, many of the students have white shoes with a bit of grey or other colors on them. It depends on who your clinical instructor is. Some instructors wouldnt mind if you were wearing blue shoes. I would just get one pair of all white shoes to play it safe then later on you could try out something else.

    For the computer, you just need a decent computer that picks up wireless signals. If its a recently new computer you should be fine.

    The books are a huge ripoff. I never read any of them anyways. Between studyguides, powerpoints, and saunders you dont need most of them.

    If I had to do it again the only book I would buy would be Saunders. I would do the questions on the systems they were going over in class and read the coresponding chapters. Saunders will get you through nursing school with excellent grades.
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    I forgot to add the clinicals at Miami are awesome. They must be about the best in the country. You will see tons of funky stuff at Jackson. The lecturers are a mixed bag. I think they all now their stuff pretty much frontwards and backwards, but the level of excitement definetely varies. Not sure if nursing lectureers could ever be exciting but monotone or barely decipherable english sucks. Overall, Id give lecturers 8/10 and clinical 10/10. It is unorganized and they seem to wing it but if your disciplined about studying and keeping up its not that bad. The first half of the first semester will suck really badly, boot camp style, then it gets better.

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