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Anyone accepted to the 2009 summer start accelerated program? Also, anyone with any information on the program such as hours, days, etc.?... Read More

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    @jerrylundergard, just send you a Message. Thanks for the feedback!

    Quote from jerrylundergard
    About the books, IMO, they are a total ripoff. I spent 800 dollars my first semester on all those books. The program goes soo fast that theres almost no way your gonna read all those chapters and remember everything. Even if youdo it wont help you negotiate the NCLEX style questions. After 3-5 pages of reading Im in outer space. I never religiously ready any books the entire program. I basically didnt even open 90% of them. I did study guides, power points, and millions of any types of questions I could get my hands on. Questions really helped me the best and is what I studied the most.

    I went from a hangin on for dear life to aceing exams as soon as I switched to only studying Saunders. No baloney! The program does a very good job of teaching to the NCLEX. Saunders does the best job on teaching you to take NCLEX style questions. If you follow the systems in Saunders that you are studying in class and do all the questions in the CD and do them well, not just flying thru them but also read rationels, then the exams wil become a breeze...

    Sikkema was tricky for me at first cause I wasnt armed with Saunders, then, I just started to smoke those exams. Unfortunately, I didnt use that for Ms. Mccay, who btw had some very tricky exams.

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    all of you who are done with the program or even in the midst of it, how did you fund your studies as 2nd degree students? mostly unsub loans?
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    Savings, significant other support, credit card, signature loans
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    hi! i just got into the accelerated program for spring and i would love to get a head start of buying things i will need for the program. if its not too much to ask can u please give me a heads up such as where to buy the scrubs, what kind of stethoscope i need to purchase, etc. thank you so much. this would be a great help

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