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Anyone applying for UCF's accelerated BSN program beginning in Summer 2012?... Read More

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    I haven't... UCF is saying that May 1st is the last day they will be calling people off of the wait list apparently. :uhoh21:
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    I feel like that they haven't called anyone off of the waitlist...I know of a whole grand total of 2 people (one off this board & one not) who've gotten called! lol
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    This wait has been terrible. I was accepted into the concurrent track; UCF's RSVP is tomorrow. That means I can't even wait until May 1 to see whether I'm selected. I can't afford to take the chance of not getting in anywhere so I will be accepting that position. I was in the top half of the waitlist, and I will be taken off after accepting the spot in the concurrent program. I really wanted to be done ASAP, but I'm glad that my future is set and I'm moving towards a career. At least I won't be in any rush to get all of the proper paper work/$$$ in order...the accelerated program begins in just over two weeks!

    Good luck to all of the accelerated hopefulls...perhaps my spot will end up helping someone.
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    Hey guys, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but a woman that accepted into our program left yesterday to join UF's ABSN. So, there will definitely be one more spot available. Just thought I would pass on the news since I would desperately want to know about any movement in terms of acceptance. Good luck!
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    Thank you Zeus! Hopefully one of us will hear good news soon
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    So I'm assuming no one heard anything from the wait list today?
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    Aw man..I hate that I'm slowly losing hope that I won't get off the waitlist . However, I have heard that UCF had till May 7th, not the 1st to contact people...the wait is killer though.
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    Today is the last day to hear anything if you are waitlisted.
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    Just got an e-mail from them to contact them before 5 (got the email at 5:30 ) but hopefully it's for a spot off the waitlist!
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    Congrats to everyone who got in! I'm in for the Basic track in the fall. If possible, would one of you forward me the letter ya'll got? We haven't gotten our packets and I'd love to get started ASAP, especially if immunizations are involved. I'd also like a headstart on buying my books if possible...

    Thanks bunches!

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    KMcDaniel11, It might be for standby.
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    just curious about those on the wait list.... Did anyone get called for a spot? I got a final email today stating there was no spots available.
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    Too bad in reality clinical instructors haven't been helpful. It is all about performing. Definitely don't ask any questions or they will think you are a dummy and make you pay!

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