UCF 2013 Accelerated BSN

  1. Hello everyone. I'm new to allnurses.com and I just wanted to say congrats to those who got into the 2012 UCF nursing program this summer.

    I am a prenursing student at UCF as I am still working on a few prerequisites before I apply to CON.
    Seeing you all on here, all going through the things I'll be going through next spring makes me feel better about this whole process.
    Good luck to everyone!!! Strap in! It's going to be one kind of a ride from what I've heard.

    Is there anyone out there who is planning on applying to accelerated program (ABSN) that starts in summer 2013? I'm starting this thread in hopes of finding many of you who wouldn't mind going through this somewhat stressful process together!

    I am very excited and hopeful that I'll be accepted next year. I already have a bachelor's degree in finance and investments so my #1 choice is the accelerated route, however I will also apply to the basic program as a back up option, which will start in the fall of 2013.

    Anyone has taken TEAS yet? I took it in spring semester and scored 82. My overall GPA is 3.90 and prerequisite GPA 4.0 so far. I still have 4 prerequisites to complete. Should I retake the TEAS? I heard that scoring 90 or above makes you really competitive.

    Thanks for all of your responses.

    Best of luck!!!

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  4. by   GitanoRN
    welcome to the cite......aloha~

  5. by   caliotter3
    Welcome to the site!
  6. by   TrynafindmyCalling
    I am looking to take the TEAS soon. Any suggestions on what to study? Thanks.
  7. by   Nursowiczka2b
    I purchased a study manual version V for the TEAS from ati testing website. It is a nice way of refreshing your academic skills. I like the short chapters and practice problems at the end of each section. The book also has 2 comprehensive tests. Depending what on what kind of package you end up buying, there is also one that additionally includes 2 practice tests given online. It is a nice way of familiarizing yourself with the actual online format of TEAS that you'll be taking.
    Good luck. Let me know how it goes and don't hesitate to ask any questions.

    Are you applying to 2013 accelerated program at UCF as well?

  8. by   tigger514
    I going to try to apply for the basic program. Im coming from Chicago so I uber nervous about the big move
  9. by   tigger514
    Has anybody heard of the Hesi exam???? Is the teas anything like the Hesi???
  10. by   Kslawn
    I am applying to the ABSN program at UCF for 2013 as well! I still need to take my TEAS test and after this semester only have one prereq to take in spring!
  11. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from Kslawn
    I am applying to the ABSN program at UCF for 2013 as well! I still need to take my TEAS test and after this semester only have one prereq to take in spring!
    Congratulations to you as well....Aloha~
  12. by   ucfsn14
    Hi everyone!

    I am also applying to the ABSN program for 2013! I just started studying for the TEAS, I purchased the ATI and McGraw Hill study guides. My last practice test I scored an 88%. I know above 90 is competitive, but does anyone know what the average is for the previous classes?

    I just moved down here with my fianc who started medical school at UCF. I am so nervous to start this application process, if I don't get in I don't know what I would do! Does anyone know if you can apply for both the ABSN and the standard BSN program??

    Thanks! And good luck to all of the applicants!
  13. by   tnbutterfly
  14. by   Nursowiczka2b
    Hi everyone and welcome!! Thank you very much for replying to this thread. I am very happy that there are some of you out there who are willing to share the anxiety but also an excitement of applying to UCF nursing program.

    I have taken another TEAS exam about 2 weeks ago, and I was able to raise my previous score from 82 to 86 this time. I scored really well on science, math and English grammar. Personally, I find the reading comprehension as the most challenging part of the TEAS exam. There is a lot of paragraphs to read and not too much time to answer the questions related to them. They are pretty long and pretty boring. Lol

    I'll definitely take another TEAS test at the end of the fall and try to score even higher.

    I'm taking Anatomy and human nutrition this semester and will have only one more prerequisite to take in the spring.

    So how is everyone else doing?
  15. by   Nursowiczka2b
    @ lexiucf

    Yes, you can apply to both ABSN and Basic BSN. From what I understand, after talking to the one of the program counselors at CON, you will have to submit two applications. One for ABSN and another for Basic BSN.
    I am also planning on applying to both. I will definitely let you know if I find out anything else.

    All the best to all of us!