Thinking of moving to Florida!

  1. Hello to all the Florida nurses! I am from Missouri, born and raised, and have had enough of the cold weather! My husband and I visited Florida on our honeymoon this year and absolutely fell in love with it! We stayed in Destin and fell in love with the beach and the ocean and the people! People were so friendly and it was just a whole different atmosphere than what we're used to here in St.Louis. So we have thought about possibly moving to the Gulf Coast, somewhere up by the panhandle near Destin. We're young and have no kids and just really want a change. I was wondering what the job market is looking like there for nurses. I work private duty and the company I work for is nationwide and they have a location in Pensacola so I was hoping that would be to my advantage and I could just transfer down there to their agency. I would appreciate any advice you have on Florida living and best places to live near the panhandle. We are used to living in the suburbs and would like to find a small beach town with nice subdivisions, nothing in a big city type area. Thank you so much!
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    Did you contact the company you work for to find out if they can give you patient assignments? That's where I suggest you start.

    What kind of work does your husband do? He should check into the job market in FL too.

    FL's economy is struggling, badly.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    Please be aware that FL economy is one of the most hard hit in the nation. There are very nurse jobs in most areas, though I do not know about private duty.

    Second, the jobs in most of FL pay less across the board than those outside the state, especially nursing. The vast majority of pts have Medicare/Medicaid which reimburses poorly and is being seriously cut back. And the pts generally have higher needs and more comorbities, resulting in much more work for the same low reimbursements.

    Third, the economy in most of FL is based on tourism, retirees and snowbird retirees. this means that you may get plenty of work during the winter season and find yourself with inadequate work/income the rest of the year.
  5. by   luvtwilight
    Thanks for the replies! I do plan on contacting the regional office to my company in florida to find out if they would have patient assignments for me, although I will still have to sell my house here and it will probably be at least another year before I am able to do that. My husband became disabled last year after a serious motorcycle accident so we are not going to be looking for any work for him down there. I was hoping since I am already employed with this agency that I will be able to transfer down there and find a client. I am not used to making big bucks in private duty so I'm not looking to get rich or anything, and I was hoping I can take advantage of the down economy and find a good deal on a house. I would love to hear more feedback and any information or advice you can give me about the area! I am just so ready for a change and I don't want to be stuck in Missouri for the rest of my life so I figured now is the chance to take a leap of faith and move somewhere that I've always wanted to live, before we have children and get settled down.
  6. by   itsmejuli
    Well, if you're thinking about moving near the coast here in FL and buying a house you need to consider what its going to cost to insure it. You're looking at close to $3k a year if not more. That's a big expense to calculate into the cost of living here.

    Then there's the lousy public school system, if you're planning on having children then you may want to consider private school for them.
  7. by   Sniper RN
    I live in Pensacola. I can't tell you much about the job market. I am not out of school yet, one more semester to go.

    The houses here have gone down in price dramaticly. Almost in half. So there are good deals to be had on that side of things. Insurance isn't that bad. I have a house on the water and it isn't killing me. It all depends on the flood zone. My house is elevated enough it put me in a better flood zone. If you don't have a house on the water it shouldn't be too much different that where you are now. Just shop around.

    If you decide to move down here send me a PM and I will send you some info. I can get you in contact with the best realestate agent in the area. If I told you the deal she got me you would flip!

    I moved here 6 years ago and would never move away from the ocean again. I love it here.
  8. by   cathrand
    Hi, I just found this site today. I am planning to move into the Naples area. After finding this web site, i am nervous. I have greater than 22 years experience as a RN in critical care. I make $40/H. I only work point 5. Will I be able to find a decent paying job? Are the conditions bad? What does a RIGHT TO WORK state mean? I was hoping to get into Palliative care. What do u think?
  9. by   AdiaRN
    I used to live in fort myers which is 30 min away from Naples and worked in both places. When i was there i worked in med/surg unit and private duty.

    I moved 7 month ago to miami because my assignment ended with the agency. I have been unemployed since then.

    The market is bad . I have 5 years nursing experiance. The last 3 years as RN. I have been hired by a lot of agencys who don't have work for me.

    The salery, I was getting paied $24 plus $6 shift diff in the hospital and private duty $ 25/hr.

    You do have a lot of experiance than me. But do your homework before you move if your are planning to move.

    Good luck.
  10. by   cathrand
    Thanks, I won't move unless i find a job. When I look @ jobs they don,t post wages and of course they always say their Hospitals are great.
  11. by   itsmejuli
    Definitely take a trip down here and go job hunting before you consider moving here. See what kind of offers you get and then decide.

    Florida is a difficult place to be now. FL unemployment is sitting at 12% and the housing market is still in crisis. Economic recovery here is going to take years.

    I've been in FL since 94, I've never seen it such a mess. I don't recommend anyone move to FL. I'm leaving in March.
  12. by   cathrand
    Thanks, I definitely will take another trip. What are the wages?