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  1. 0 Hi everyone!

    This is my first official post, but I've been creeping around for quite some time now, ha! I just applied to SPC's nursing program for Spring of 2015. I still have to take micro, but I figured I'd apply anyway. Has anyone recently been accepted prior to taking micro? Also what was the average GPA for last semester applicants?
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    I talked to the guidance counselor, 3.6 seemed to be the cut off this semester. I got in with a 3.7
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    However, that doesn't include wait listed people.
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    Ahh! I'm so nervous. I mean, I know that my chances are even slimmer because I'm applying prior to taking micro, but hopefully the demand isn't too overwhelming and I can get in for spring. I just don't want to wait until next August.

    Have you started yet?
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    No, I start sometime in August. What would be your gpa if you got an A in micro and lab?
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    Oh okay. Good luck!

    My GPA with an A in micro and lab would be 3.63.. if I DON'T get in, I'm going to try and go somewhere that will allow me to makeup a C that is putting a burden on my gpa.
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    I am an alternate for fall 2014 with a 4.0 GPA and micro not completed. I hear the admissions for spring is usually easier than fall. Im at the top of the alternate list and was told I had a good chance of making it in. Good Luck!
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    As an alternate did you have to reapply for Spring? 4.0 is fantastic, so I'm sure you'll get in!
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    If I dont make it in I will reaply for the spring.
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    I got in to the fall semester for this year with all my prerequisites completed. I only had a 3.8 gpa so I guess having all the classes done is important since shadokat has a much better gpa than me and got alternate.
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    Yeah I spoke to someone that explained the point system to me. They also said that Spring generally accepts people with lower gpa's thus making it "easier" to get in....so we'll see lol I'm going to stay hopeful and see what happens. I haven't spoken to many people planning on applying so maybe I'll gett in.
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    I plan to apply for Spring 2015. I just finished my last class so I will be applying with all my classes finished. Not sure of my GPA though. If they only count the courses for the program then it is 3.85-3.9. If it's a cumulative gpa then it's lower, like 3.65. I'm also applying to the Baycare EAYL if it is open to outside applicants this year.
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    I got accepted for fall! Good luck to everyone applying for spring 2015.