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SPC nursing 2015

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I'm getting nervous! I've been checking my email nonstop. I was speaking with a friend of mine and she said that sometimes people who have been denied will be accepted up to three days prior to the start of classes! I'm not entirely sure if that's accurate, but I wouldn't mind.

As far as vaccinations, I've heard the health department is the cheapest. I'm not sure about CPR certification, but if I hear anything I'll be sure to share!

Hahaha I've been checking almost every hour!

Last semester I was on alternate list (#35) as I still had micro to complete. I had one B (so like a 3.84 GPA). They took around 20 alternates up to beginning of class. Two of my friends got in without micro but they had all A's. It's all about points. If you have everything completed a lower gpa was better than mine with one B missing the 4 pets for micro. Anyway - we got the letters via SPC email a day early. So my guess is Friday. If you sign up for CPR it has to be AHA for health care professionals - unless they change it. We will get al the info Friday. I have a copy of last semester.

Hey guys, this wait is ridiculous! The anxiety about denial or acceptance grows each day! I've been checking every day and nothing yet. I'm past the point of worrying about my GPA and now I'm starting to think maybe I made a mistake in my application and they won't accept me. That's what I get for staring at my application for 29 days. I noticed that the required documentation part is blank, but I know I must have filled that out! Anyone else notice that too? Also, good luck to all my fellow applicants. Hope we get in!

They check everything manually (I applied last semester and asked as I re-took one course and had alternate satisfaction on another. Plus they email you if they have questions so I know it's hard but hoping by Friday we all hear. Hang in there.

I agree.. I keep thinking and rethinking if I did everything correctly for the application process, but I think it's just really going to come to waiting till Friday. That doesn't stop me from checking my email ever hour though!! What was your GPA, classes completed, resident status?? Not being nosy, just wondering where we all stand.. I hear the spring term is somewhat more lenient with GPA??

My GPA is 3.53. I'm a Pinellas resident and I've completed all my prerequisites. I applied for the LPN-RN transitional program. Good luck!

Oh you're all set then!!!! But even with all that, I know it's nerve wracking. I'm in the same boat. I'll post as SOON as I get an email. Good or bad... Good luck!!

The wait is terrible! I'm currently taking micro, so my hopes aren't set too high. I'm still nervous though! I'd hate to wait until next Fall! Fingers crossed for all applicants! We should know very, very soon!

Jfrazier7, do they include alternate info in the email as well or would we need to call to find out?

I contacted the admissions office. I was informed the emails are sent out in groups, based on what program you applied for. I believe most people here applied for the regular nursing program. Maybe the LPN/RN and PM/RN applicants have to wait longer? She also said it can take up until 12 tonight.

This is a post from the SPC Spring 2013 comments. They received their notice on Nov. 1. The students from Spring 2014 seemed to have posted starting Nov. 5 so we don't know when they received their notice but we can assume it was also Nov. 1. The notices for Spring 2012 seemed to have gone out in Sept.

We probably won't get the notice until Monday. The school nursing site said Nov 1 but it will probably be a business day since that is on a Saturday. It's possible that they'd tell us a day early, tomorrow, but we should expect it on Monday...just to help you get through the weekend in case we don't get anything tomorrow.

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I hope you are wrong. Last semester (fall 2014) I received my email on June 30 (for July 1 notification date) and it was sent at 12:51 pm. By the way it was a Monday notification for Tuesday, July 1 date. Kim - yes - the notification tells you if you are an alternate and what position you are in (subject to change....). If you get that notice - then you keep checking your email all they way to the start of classes!! agghhhhhh......... Again - my guess is tomorrow afternoon (then they get to go home and celebrate Halloween before they start answering all the emails and phone calls!!).

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wrong date

good luck to all of you! the wait is truly agonizing! i am feeling for you...

Ok ladies and gents!! Today is (hopefully) the day we've all worked hard for! Good luck everyone!!!

I haven't posted in this thread, but I have been following. Just wanted to let you guys know letters are out. I am an alternate #8 for lpn to rn. My fingers are crossed....

Emails just went out. Got mine about 11AM and I'm accepted! Good luck to everyone else! :)

SEEE Heatherw!!!! And you were worried!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!! I'm still waiting by my computer… Nothing yet… ugh..