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    has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far?

    thank you,
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    I think it was delayed or pushed back to July 09 start with Apr 2009 application deadline. I was going to call the school, my mind is telling me not to go down this path yet. I'm applying to others with a Aug 2009 I finish with my testing a paperwork will the other schools...I'll apply for this program too.
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    no, they have their second class starting in July 09. Their first class began in January 09
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    That's good to know Rose are you in this class.
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    hello i just called and asked some questions. the biggest issue is that it is not accredited.

    did you apply??
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    I'm in the process...I'm finishing a class now and need to take some tests from other Nursing schools.
    The accreditation takes awhile, it will depend on the grads pass rate on the NCLEX as well. Its a very nice facility, and staff so I think they will breeze through the other portions of the accreditation. As long as you can sit for the state boards which you can...the accreditation will take care of it self.
    My issue is the travel (I-4)and the class schedule. Notice I did not say the money...I sound like a lot but for a BSN not too bad.
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    what do you mean travel on the I4...I am from out of state. I was thinking of visiting mid March...what can you tell me about the area? I think I would rent a place in Lake Mary, just to be closer, I would rather spend 30 minutes studying than commuting.

    have you heard back from any other schools yet? I haven't.

    have you followed any threads on new nurse employment in Orlando...doesn't look too good. However, if we get our degrees in 1. 5 years maybe it will be better. One of my teachers suggested volunteering at a place that I want to work so when things turn around I will have a leg up, hospitals near me are making their employees take unpaid time off. I think I will want to move to Tampa after school....beaches etc. :spin:

    I am 25, I wonder what the demographics of Remington students are...
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    Anyone accepted to this program yet?
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    hello... i think they will notify applicants in the next couple of weeks. if i don't get in here i might have to wait 6-12 months to apply again i have gotten wait listed at 2 schools....if i don't get in then maybe i will work as a CNA and take a pharm class and reapply. it's a bummer because I really wanted to move and start school while my brain is still sharp from the year of prereqs. sooo anxious! but there is a great program in another state that is free if you committ 3 years to a local hospital but it doesnt start for a year, and then another is really cheap but in another country and over 2 years long.... we'll see! good luck to us all
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    hi everyone, i am very anxious to apply to this accelerated bsn, but i have read some negative post about the remington college, such as no accreditation, not able to find a job after graduation, expensive school etc...
    i am very confused and don’t want to jump into a deep well.
    does anyone know anything about this program or the remington college?
    this accelerated program seems fairly new.
    any insigth would be greatly appreciated.

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