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has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat... Read More

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    hello! i just wanted to let you all know that when I visited the school I saw actual students in class. They just got their uniforms (white polo shirts and purple scrub pants...tapered at the ankle) the class started in Feb...I wonder if the July class will be pushed back too?

    I am definitely concerned about finding a job after, but there are so many routes to take... I am optimistic and annoyingly persistent.

    i hope to hear soon!!!!! soo nervous! but I do have a backup plan.

    thank you NATO for looking into the accreditation.
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    hello all,
    i am also concerned about finding a job right away after the program if not i wouldn’t be killing myself and living my family to relocate in florida. we all are in the same boat eager to be contacted as early as possible.
    does anyone know when the school will contact accepted applicants?
    thank you roses623 for your input.
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    Thank you Nato and Roses for the important info! I tried to contact the school today to ask them a few questions but no one answered the phone. The second deadline is sometime in June so I am guessing they will let us know before then. Did you guys get your fingerprinting and background check done yet?
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    yes, i completed the background check online it was quick and they emailed me a copy quickly, but i think the original is sent to the school. I also got a fingerprint card from Remington when I visited and had my interview which I took to the local police station for prints ($5) and sent off with the $35 processing fee. I also, had to send the authorization form to Remington. In total I think it cost over $100 for all the fees associated with the application. i got it all in by the 15th. I emailed recently and they haven't gotten back to me, I think they are just inundated with apps, when i last spoke with them last week they said they had received lots.
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    Hello all,
    I completed my background check on line and paid $45. A copy of it has been sent to me and other forwarded to the school. I wasn’t aware of the fingerprint part of it. I will probably do it there at their local police if I got accepted. Have you guys completed all your prerequisites?
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    i am completing my last 4 prereqs now...i have A's and B's in the prereq classes and during the interview she said "oh, these are very good grades"...soo it's not as stiff as other schools who only want 4.0. I have been going to school full time for a year! my business major conveniently allowed me to bow out of science classes...however, since I have taken them and excelled in them, I realized I really do like science and I should never have avoided it in the first place! i think i was a late bloomer, and my brain couldn't have processed it during my first degree. but now I am not intimidated at all by science...
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    I have a BS in clinical Lab Science, and I have spent a year full time to complete all prerequisites last semester with an overall 3.85 GPA. My first choice was Pharmacy but due to financial constraint I choose to go with my plan B (BSN).
    Do you think accepted applicants will be invited for an on campus interview or just a phone interview?
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    from my contact with them I understood that I needed to plan a visit and schedule an interview to be considered?? so maybe if they like your app they will ask you to visit and interview before they accept?? i drove down to florida from charleston to check it out. It is really nice and new. and all the ladies are very helpful.
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    thank you for replying,
    i will call tomorrow to check if i have to schedule an on campus visit. i am in san antonio, texas and will be flying if it's necessary.
    take care.
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    anyone else rilly nervous!! really bad timing to be on pins and needles, it's finals time!

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