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  1. Guys,

    What do you know about PSA healthcare? I am supposed to do an interview with them next week. They told me that they hire new graduates per diem @19/h in Florida. What are your thoughts on this?
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  3. by   DaddysLilRN2b
    I worked at PSA in S Fla for 3 years and I loved it!!! They hired right out of LPN school without any experiecnce. They offered skills training to all nurses, and I definately needed that as a new nurse. The office staff was very supportive and there was always a variety of cases to choose from. I chose when and where I worked. The only con was that as a per-diem nurse I didnt get any benefits such as (medical/dental insurance). They did however offer a 401K program (no matter what company you work for take advantage of any retirement savings plan) and some other things such as life insurance and short-term, amd long-term disability. I am very grateful to PSA. As an LPN I made $17.00-18.50 depending on when I worked. If PSA needed to staff a case when I was scheduled to work they would pay more 18.50-22.00. There was even a case where I made $27 p/hr. It was great. My only suggestion to you is to remember that you are there to work not to be the friends of family members. I left PSA because I found a better opportunity. You did not mention if your an LPN or RN but Im hoping that nowhere starts RNs at $19. If thats the case I thnk Ill be an LPN forever. Hope everything works out for you.
  4. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I am a RN and they told me 19/hour per diem. I am torn because I am not going to work for 19/h per diem. That is ridiculous!
  5. by   DaddysLilRN2b
    Maybe Miami pays more than your area but $19 for an RN is ridiculous. Let me know how ur job search goes. Good Luck, dont give up, and dont settle.
  6. by   goodstudentnowRN
    hmmmm...yes it is 19/h for level 1 and 20/h for level 2 and 21/h for level 3. I did a test on peds which was not bad after all. She asked me if the family ask me to do housework how I would respond? Are you kidding me? I never spend thousands of dollars to do house work...I hope she tells the clients that house work is out of it. I am still looking for a job because I am not too sure about this one
  7. by   caliotter3
    There are posts in threads in the hh forum concerning PSA and their proclivity to hire new grads to work with peds patients in the home.
  8. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Thank you Caliotter3. I am not too impressed with PSA...they seem to want to use the recession to pay very low wages. The lady told me that it is because they deal with medicaid. I took the test and did pretty well but I am not counting on them to call me.
  9. by   jessicalyn80
    I dont work for PSA, I work for a similar agency and make 19/hr as an RN, this is about what they all pay. The job is pretty easy though, its flexible and its good if you have no other work, want it as a back up job or are like me and needed to have Something while looking for another job and actually i have really enjoyed it and have been doing peds home health for over a year. It is really tough out there for new grads trust me
  10. by   RNMann
    Hi Guys,

    I have interview with PSA on Tuesday. Can anyone tell me, how its like? what to expect? What kind of questions they ask?

    Please help, i don't wanna loose this chance, coz i got this chance after search of 6 months.

    I am really worried
  11. by   RNMann
    Interview and test went well ..lets see wat happens
  12. by   RNMann
    hey Guys ,

    i got offer from Two home care agencies ...I am soo happy
  13. by   LVNBSN2
    Which did you take? I have an interview with PSA on Wednesday.
  14. by   NurseJenny:-)
    I'll be moving to P-cola in July. Been in pediatric home health two years as an Lpn, but should have RN by July. I'm in Jersey making 24.50/hr. What is PSA willing to pay?