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    What do you know about PSA healthcare? I am supposed to do an interview with them next week. They told me that they hire new graduates per diem @19/h in Florida. What are your thoughts on this?

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    I worked at PSA in S Fla for 3 years and I loved it!!! They hired right out of LPN school without any experiecnce. They offered skills training to all nurses, and I definately needed that as a new nurse. The office staff was very supportive and there was always a variety of cases to choose from. I chose when and where I worked. The only con was that as a per-diem nurse I didnt get any benefits such as (medical/dental insurance). They did however offer a 401K program (no matter what company you work for take advantage of any retirement savings plan) and some other things such as life insurance and short-term, amd long-term disability. I am very grateful to PSA. As an LPN I made $17.00-18.50 depending on when I worked. If PSA needed to staff a case when I was scheduled to work they would pay more 18.50-22.00. There was even a case where I made $27 p/hr. It was great. My only suggestion to you is to remember that you are there to work not to be the friends of family members. I left PSA because I found a better opportunity. You did not mention if your an LPN or RN but Im hoping that nowhere starts RNs at $19. If thats the case I thnk Ill be an LPN forever. Hope everything works out for you.
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    I am a RN and they told me 19/hour per diem. I am torn because I am not going to work for 19/h per diem. That is ridiculous!
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    Maybe Miami pays more than your area but $19 for an RN is ridiculous. Let me know how ur job search goes. Good Luck, dont give up, and dont settle.
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    hmmmm...yes it is 19/h for level 1 and 20/h for level 2 and 21/h for level 3. I did a test on peds which was not bad after all. She asked me if the family ask me to do housework how I would respond? Are you kidding me? I never spend thousands of dollars to do house work...I hope she tells the clients that house work is out of it. I am still looking for a job because I am not too sure about this one
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    There are posts in threads in the hh forum concerning PSA and their proclivity to hire new grads to work with peds patients in the home.
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    Thank you Caliotter3. I am not too impressed with PSA...they seem to want to use the recession to pay very low wages. The lady told me that it is because they deal with medicaid. I took the test and did pretty well but I am not counting on them to call me.
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    I dont work for PSA, I work for a similar agency and make 19/hr as an RN, this is about what they all pay. The job is pretty easy though, its flexible and its good if you have no other work, want it as a back up job or are like me and needed to have Something while looking for another job and actually i have really enjoyed it and have been doing peds home health for over a year. It is really tough out there for new grads trust me
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    Hi Guys,

    I have interview with PSA on Tuesday. Can anyone tell me, how its like? what to expect? What kind of questions they ask?

    Please help, i don't wanna loose this chance, coz i got this chance after search of 6 months.

    I am really worried
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    Interview and test went well ..lets see wat happens

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